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Are you thinking of shedding a few pounds? How about playing a new sport? Whatever fitness plan you may have in mind for sure there are fitness apps that you can download to your Android phone or Android Wear. However, finding the best app for your fitness regimen is a bit tough given that there are dozens of options to choose from. Which apps then should you download?

10 Android Apps for Fitness

7 Minute Workout

This workout is perfect for those who always have a full schedule but are still interested in staying fit. This app is designed to make you work different parts of your body using 12 different exercises in just 7 minutes.


If running is your choice of fitness program then this app is for you. This app is compatible with both Android smartphone and Android Wear watches where you can keep track of the number of miles you’ve walked, jogged, or run. It also integrates Google music so you can listen to your favorite songs while pounding the pavement.


This fitness app is perfect for cycling and running enthusiasts as it helps keep track of the miles you’ve covered on your bike or miles you’ve run through the built-in GPS. Strava keeps a record of your previous workouts so you can see whether you’ve made progress or not. It is also a social networking app where you can connect with fellow health enthusiasts and have a friendly competition in terms of ranking.


For those who are looking for an app that is relatively simple, this fitness app is for you. This app is designed to monitor your heart rate, your track history, and even has voice prompt which comes without any added fee.

Zombies, Run!

If you want to give your running session additional challenge, why not try Zombies, Run? In this app, you will need to run a specific set of miles to complete a mission. Zombies, Run also has the sound of zombies chasing after you for a more realistic feel.

Workout Trainer

This Android fitness app is more on tracking the number of repetitions you can do for lunges, crunches, squats, and so on. It also provides you with a list of exercises that you can do rather than make you manually log your workouts.


Another comprehensive fitness tracker and workout app, this is best used when you workout in the gym as the exercises included require the use of weights and machines. You can upload your workout for the day so you can track the progress.


Not all Pilates apps available are suitable for Pilates practitioners. With that being said, Fitivity is one app that can help you practice Pilates in the comfort of your own home. What it does is breakdown the exercise into components that you will then perform. You can get an animated GIF or a video clip on how the workout is done.


This fitness app lets you monitor your calorie intake, log your workouts as well as progress in losing weight. It also features a pedometer so you can keep track on the number of steps you’ve taken for the day. This app is also designed to provide motivation by sharing wellness articles so you can improve your fitness program.

Sleep as Android

This app measures the amount of movement you’ve done while you’re sleeping and provide you with a graph so you will get an idea on how much you actually slept. It also monitors your snore. It is also equipped with sounds that will lull you to sleep as well as an alarm that will really get you up and out of the bed and even solve math problems to cut off the alarm.





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10 Fitness Apps for Android Wear and Android Users