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Back pain can make your life unbearable because it can turn even the simplest action such as bending over to be quite painful. A lot of people who complain about back aches are those that often live a sedentary life but surprisingly, even those who are constantly hitting the gym and lifting heavy weights experience the same stabbing pain that leave them breathless when it strikes. Is there any way to avoid back injuries especially when lifting weights?

Causes of Back Injury

One of the common causes of back injury is incorrect technique. If your form isn’t correct when lifting it can lead to pull, stretching, and even tearing of connective tissues. The same goes true when lifting weights that are beyond what you can manage. Forcing yourself to lift too heavy weights can cause injury on your back and other parts of your body.

Tips on Preventing Back Injury

  1. Start Moving. Like it was mentioned before, living a sedentary life can leave your muscles and bones in poor condition that is why it is best that you get moving. Start exercising or increase your activity levels to avoid back pain.
  2. Warm Up. Warming up is a must whenever you exercise as this helps loosen up tight muscles while at the same time, warm up your muscles for better flexibility.
  3. Proper Form. It is important that you execute each lift properly to avoid any back injuries. If you’re going to lift weights, make sure that your back is straight and your feet are spaced properly and that you can bear the weight that you are carrying.
  4. This is a bit different from warming up. When you stretch, you are making your muscles elongate and stretch making them more pliable thus reducing pains and aches afterwards.
  5. Good Spotter. If you’ve been lifting weights for some time now, you’re probably aware on how important it is to have a good spotter with you. There are times when you work out so much that you forget your reps, the spotter will be the one to remind and guide you throughout your workout and can check if your form is good or not.
  6. Adequate Training. As much as you would like to lift weights as often as you can, you are increasing your risk of back injury. A good athlete knows that resting is as important as pushing yourself beyond your limits.
  7. Strengthen Core. Back injuries can be prevented if you also workout your core muscles. A strong core can help lessen the pressure on the spine whenever you lift something heavy.
  8. Light Exercises. If you feel a slight pain on your lower back after your weight training, do some light exercises to avoid exacerbating your discomfort. This helps speed up the healing process of your muscles too.
  9. Choose the Right Weight. Another way to prevent back injury when lifting weights is to make sure that your lifting adequate weights. Don’t go for heavier plates at the start as this can cause injuries.
  10. Lifting weights can take a toll on your body. It is important that you give yourself the time to recuperate so your muscles can heal and grow.





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10 Tips on How to Prevent Back Injury from Lifting Weights