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Some of the tips you will encounter in life can be really strange. What’s even stranger is some of them really work! Read on to get acquainted with perhaps some of the most bizarre health tips on the planet that are actually true.


  1. Using antibacterial soap won’t make you cleaner

There is no evidence that soaps with antibacterial ingredients are better in zapping those microbes. Some experts say that antibacterial soaps may even be counterproductive as they may make bacteria more resistant to germ killers.


  1. Opt for the first restroom stall

Consistently after investigating 51 stalls, experts have found out that the stall closest to the restroom door had the lowest levels of bacteria. It may be because many people tend to skip the first stall for utmost privacy.


  1. Prevent infection with honey

Got a minor wound and a bottle of iodine or tube of antibacterial ointment is nowhere to be found? Apply honey before covering the wound with bandage. Honey’s antiseptic properties will keep infection at bay.


  1. An apple keeps claustrophobia at bay

If being inside elevators, subways or other small spaces makes you uneasy, bring a green apple with you and sniff it. This may make you perceive any enclosed or small area as something larger.


  1. Stop bleeding with black pepper

In case of a nick while in the kitchen, immediately clean the affected area with soap and water. Then sprinkle black pepper on it and apply pressure. Black pepper will stop the bleeding, relieve the pain and disinfect the wound.


  1. Change your name for a longer life

Experts say that people whose initials spell out a positive word — like J.O.Y. or Y.A.Y. or W.O.W. — outlive the rest by as many as 4 1/2 years.


  1. Drink coffee to better forty winks

Want to make sure that you feel refreshed and alert after that power nap? Have a cup of coffee and take a 20-minute nap. In a Japanese study, people who did this fared better in computer tests than those who didn’t.


  1. Eat more protein to eat less food

Protein makes it possible for you to feel full faster as well as stay full longer. In other words, loading up on protein-rich food is likely to make you consume fewer calories overall.


  1. Quit brushing after eating

Certain foods — acidic ones, in particular — cause the enamel of the teeth to soften for a while. According to the experts, it’s a good idea for you to wait for 30 to 60 minutes after a meal before brushing.


  1. Opt for a hot beverage to feel cool

Experts say that it is a better idea to drink something hot when you’re feeling hot. Doing so will cause your body to sweat more, thus helping to lower your temperature and make you feel cool.


  1. Energy drinks will leave you feeling more tired

Containing truckloads of sugar, energy drinks will only make you foggy-headed and sluggish due to the spike in blood glucose they bring. The best alternative to energy drinks? Water.


  1. Scratch the other limb to deal with the itch

Got itchy skin under a cast? Try scratching the exact area on the opposite arm, leg or foot and this may make your brain think that you are actually scratching the real deal, allowing you to attain relief.






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12 Unusual Tips that are Actually True