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Sleeplessness affects you in all sorts of negative ways. It leaves you feeling cranky and hungry, and it makes it difficult to attain optimum mental performance. If sleeplessness bugs you often, here are 15 simple tricks to sidestep the problem:


  1. Paint your room in the right color. According to studies, subtle shades of blue and green as well as light peach and tan can relax the senses, making it easier for you to get to dreamland.
  1. Carry out a nightly ritual. No matter if it’s writing in your journal, taking a relaxing bath or solving a crossword puzzle, any ritual performed during bedtime can help you attain relaxation.
  1. Quit looking at the time. It’s a good idea to turn your alarm clock in the opposite direction. The simple act of looking at it can give you enough mental stress to make it harder to fall asleep.
  1. Ditch the TV and computer. Make it a habit to use the bedroom for intimacy and sleep purposes only. The moment you hit the sack, make sure that all electronics are switched off.
  1. Breathe clean bedroom air. Filling your lungs with unpolluted air makes it easier to relax and fall asleep. Invest in a high quality air purifier. During the day, open the windows to drive out stale air.
  1. Arise at the same time daily. Make it a habit to get off your bed at a fixed time — even on weekends. Doing so is a great way to establish a sleep-wake schedule that’s consistent.
  1. Work out on a regular basis. According to the experts, doing moderate cardiovascular exercises 4 to 6 hours before hitting the sack can be beneficial for insomnia. Doing it sooner or later yields no favorable effect.
  1. Ditch consuming anything with caffeine. Steering clear of caffeine within 6 hours of bedtime helps keeps sleeplessness at bay. Other than coffee, you should also avoid tea, cola and chocolates.
  1. Quit smoking. Turn your back on the habit not only lets you enjoy a good night’s sleep but also great health. If you can’t scrap the habit, avoid smoking a few hours before bedtime as nicotine is a stimulant.
  1. Eliminate noise. Living near a busy street or an airport? Use ear plugs at night to make it easier for you to catch some Z’s. White noise such as the sound of a TV or radio on static is also beneficial.
  1. Have a light snack. Pleasing your tummy late at night may help you get to dreamland ASAP. Just avoid having a heavy meal if you don’t want acid reflux to leave you wide awake.
  1. Scrap that drink. It’s true that alcohol can make you feel sleepy because it’s a depressant or downer. However, the resulting sleep is usually non-refreshing because it’s fragmented.
  1. Refrain from taking some forty winks. Daytime napping can definitely get in the way of your ability to fall asleep at night. Keep yourself busy and keep your eyes on the prize — a really good night’s sleep.
  1. Keep your room cool. According to the experts, people fall asleep better if the room is on the cool side. Check that the thermostat of your AC is at 65 degrees or lower.
  1. Do something if you can’t fall asleep. Lying in bed waiting for any sign of sleepiness to surface won’t do you good. Engage in a relaxing activity until you’re ready to catch some Z’s.


Do you swear by something else that isn’t on this list? Feel free to share!







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15 Tricks to Make It Easier to Sleep at Night