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Having a gym membership has its benefits – one could easily hit the place for a good workout. However, this access does not come in cheap. And for a lot of frugal people, the expensive gym rates become a show stopper when it comes to working out and having an active and healthy lifestyle.

But this should not be the case. It may seem impossible but one could actually get a good and intense workout without hitting the gym. Other activities and sports could get you the workout that you need sans the costly monthly rates. Also, if you tend to get bored easily with repetitive exercises, then perhaps, an activity outside the gym is just right for you.

Here are some alternative workouts one can do without hitting the gym:

  1. Pick-up Games

When you were younger, remember how you used to play games at the schoolyard and playground with the other kids? Trees, posts, schoolbags and other things one could get his hands on became the equipment to whatever game the children had decided to play on that afternoon. This follows the same concept expect that those playing are not kids but adults.

Instead of a kindergarten game, organized sports could be used as an alternative. One could choose to play a pick-up game of soccer, basketball, frisbee or even softball. Aside from the workout, it would be a great way to have fun and socialize with other people.

  1. Running

This workout is a good way to burn calories and build muscles. Aside from the obvious perk that it is free of any membership costs, just about anywhere could be a good place to conduct this workout. A park, trail and school running tracks are good places to do this workout. The best time to run is in the morning so you get your workout even before the stress and deadlines of the day swamps you up.

  1. Exercise Videos

So this is not exactly free, as you would need to purchase the workout video. However, it is still way cheaper than a monthly membership and you get to keep the video at that.  If you intend to absolutely not shell out with any amount, you could check online for free workout videos you could follow.

The good thing with these videos is that one gets to do it at the privacy of his home. So no need to feel embarrassed and awkward with how you look while stretching in your hot pink jogging pants. You also have the luxury of doing it any time you want without adhering to any gym class schedule.

  1. Boot Camps

A new fitness trend, boot camps allow a group of people to undergo intense training for a period of time, normally from four to six weeks. It uses different kinds of workouts and activities to achieve the participants’ goals of losing weight or getting a more toned physique. Stretching, running, plyometrics, calisthenics and Zumba are just among the few drills one could expect in these sessions.

  1. Playtime with Kids or Pets

This activity is a jackpot as you hit two birds with one stone – you get to spend time with your kids and you find a way to insert a workout in the process.

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5 Alternative Workouts To Hitting The Gym