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It’s easy enough to assume that yoga is only for women as they are relatively more flexible with their small frames but surprisingly, men can also do the same workouts even when they’re bulky. As a matter of fact, there are yoga poses that are much better done by men instead of women as they have the musculature for it.

For guys who are looking for another workout regimen that will help build up their muscle strength whil giving them flexibility, here are five yoga poses to try.


This pose is simple but quite effective and is considered as the foundation for all standing yoga poses. The mountain pose is designed to help strengthen your core and thighs, correct and improve one’s posture, as well as bring flexibility and strength to your feet. To do this pose, stand up straight with your heels slightly apart with your big toes touching. Balance your weight on your feet before raising the arches. Lift your kneecaps slightly by engaging your thighs but don’t let your knees lock.


Just like with any other standing pose, the Tree will help strengthen your ankles, thighs, as well as calves. The muscles in the groin as well as inner thigh will get stretched too. From the mountain pose, move your weight to the right foot while pushing it firmly on the ground. Bend left leg with left foot placed on your right inner thigh with toes pointing towards the floor. Bring palms together and placed at front of your chest with your weight in the middle of your left foot. Open your groin muscles by pressing right knee back with your hips parallel to the front of the room. Lower left foot back to the floor then repeat the steps mentioned but with the other leg.


Standing Forward Bend

Aside from giving the muscles on your spine and your hamstrings a good stretch, this pose can also help calm your mind. Start mountain pose and from there exhale while tucking chin slightly forward as you bend forward at your hips. Relax your head, shoulders, and neck while leaving your arms loose. Place fingertips or palms on the floor in front or beside your feet. You can always cross your forearms to grab your elbows if you can’t reach the floor.

Warrior One

For men, this pose can actually help with their hips and shoulders. From the mountain pose move your right foot forward as you raise your arms above you. Move left foot about 45 to 60 degrees towards the left. Bend right knee until it’s over the ankle. Bring your hips in front while arching your upper back as you lift chest up and towards the ceiling. Try pressing palms together or keep hands about shoulder width apart while your palms are facing each other. Look at your thumbs or upwards. Do the same with the other leg.

Downward-Facing Dog

This workout helps strengthen your arms and legs as you stretch your hamstrings, calves, shoulders, wrists, and hands. Start by going down on your knees with hands placed slightly in front of the shoulders. Your knees should be directly below the hips. Upon exhale, lift your knees off the floor while keeping them slightly bent. Stretch tailbone towards the ceiling to help lengthen the spine. Press the heels down on the floor and the thighs back to get your legs strengthened. Keep on pressing the base of your index fingers on the ground and lift along the arms from hands to the shoulders. Press your shoulder blades back and down towards the tailbone. Go back to your first position.




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5 Best Yoga Poses for Men