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There probably came a time when you wanted to have a bigger chest. It may be that you’re planning on joining a weightlifting show or you just want to add more strength to your body. Whatever your reason may be, training to bulk up the chest is both dangerous and intense hence the need for proper knowledge on the human anatomy and the right workout to use. Your priority should be to bulk up safely.

Aside from the biceps, the chest ranks second among the muscles that are usually shown off which is why there will always come a time where you will start considering how to widen your chest and this is where working on your pecs or pectoral muscles will come in.


Best Exercises for Increasing Chest

Although there is a long list of chest exercises that you can do, only a handful can actually produce results. Here are the five best exercises that you can do to increase your chest.
Barbell Bench Press. The barbell bench press is considered to be the king of all chest workouts and is now the standard for increasing size and strength in the chest by professionals all over the world. There are different variations for the bench press but you might want to start with this. Lie on your back on an Olympic weight bench. Place your feet flat on the floor with your back and head glued to the bench throughout the workout. Your glutes should be tight to the bench as well. Remove the bar from the bench then, while pressing your feet to the floor, raise the bar using both of your arms.

Explosive Push-ups

Although bench presses can help build muscle mass on your chest, they can only go so far. Supplementing it with explosive push-ups, on the other hand, can add more resistance to your muscles which aids in boosting muscle expansion. To begin this exercise, place your hands on the floor a bit wider than your shoulders and your legs extended behind you with your toes helping you hold this position. Bend your elbows to bring your chest down to the floor. Put more power to your hands as you push yourself upwards to create lift. If you can manage, sneak in claps as you go up to add more challenge to your workout.

Dumbbell Bench Press

The barbell bench press may not be for everyone so you need to think of an alternative to it. And doing a dumbbell bench press may just be the thing that you need. To make this workout more challenging, add a twist to it. Start by lying down on a bench while holding dumbbells on each hand with a standard grip. Your arms should be extended over the chest. Lower the dumbbells to the outer chest then press. As you push your arms back up, give your dumbbells a 180 degree twist. By the time you reach the peak of the movement, you should be holding the dumbbells in a supine grip where your pinkies are facing inward and your palms facing towards your face.


Inclined Bench Press

This exercise works the same way as that of standard bench press where it targets your triceps, pectorals, and deltoids. The inclined position, however, gives more workload to your pecs making it a great addition to your workout. You should look for a bench press that can be positioned at an incline. Unrack the bar then lower barbell until it is touching your upper chest. Use both your arms to press the weight back up to the starting position. Your elbows should be tucked in to keep that 45 degree angle to the flanks. Any deviation can put a strain on the joints of your shoulders.

Kettlebell Flye

Compared to dumbbells, kettlebells are harder to hold on to which means you’re working extra hard for each rep. Your pectorals will be needing more muscle fibers to combat the weight that is hanging below the palms of your hands. Go for kettlebelles that are 10 pounds lighter compared to what you use in a standard dumbbell flye. Lie down on a bench while holding the kettlebells over your chest just like in the press but this time your palms should be facing each other. Lower your arms with your elbows bent slightly until you feel a stretch across your chest. Hold this pose while contracting your pectorals against the resistance that the kettlebelles give at the bottom. Use a wide hugging motion to bring the arms back to their former position while squeezing your pectorals. Make sure that you keep your shoulders back and that you perform the squeeze at the peak.



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