5 Quick Exercise Fixes for Stubborn Body Flabs


Well you know that exercise is good for your health, but do you actually realize how good exercising can be? From improving your mood to boosting your life under the sheets; time to find out how exercise can affect your quality of life.

If you want to feel better and gain more power and energy, you need not look any further than doing simple but regular exercises. Exercising can cause your body to produce endorphins—otherwise known as the “happy hormones”. The release of endorphins into your system can make you feel more contented, happy and at peace. Exercising can also help you sleep better at night. People with low self-esteem and those who are suffering from mild depression stand to gain a lot of benefits from exercising. And if you want to feel accomplished, well, doing repetitive exercises is a good way to go.


Exercising can make you feel more beautiful. When you exercise, you burn more calories, and when you do, your weight won’t keep on piling in, therefore, you’ll look more toned than those people who don’t make a habit of exercising.

When you exercise, you lower your own risk of developing certain diseases which may include diabetes and other cardiovascular mishaps. You need to take note that these diseases which are normally common in most adults are now becoming common to teens.
Exercising can also help you age well. You might think that this fact is not that important now that you’re young and agile, but eventually, your body will thank you for all the exercising that you’ll do starting today. Women are prone to osteoporosis or weakening of bones as they get older; and weight-bearing exercises like brisk walking, running or jumping can help you maintain stronger bones.

A well-balanced exercise routine is composed of three things: strength training, aerobic exercise, and flexibility training.

Why is there a need for aerobic exercise? Because like any other muscle type, the heart needs a good workout. Aerobic exercise is any type of activity that can get your heart pumping and you having quick breaths. This activity can make your heart stronger and more efficient in delivering oxygenated blood into your entire body. Strength training is for muscle build-up; it trains your muscles to get stronger. And lastly flexibility training allows your joints and muscles to stretch and bend more easily. You’ll find that those who are more flexible suffer less injuries and straining during exercise routines.

So how do you target your jiggly body parts?

While there is no exact way to target anything that jiggles in your body, what you can do is tailor your workouts to build more lean muscles into certain body spots. Don’t worry; everyone has parts on their bodies that they want to improve on. And flabs? Almost everybody has them. Flabs are a result of lack of muscle tone and from the build-up of excess fats too.

To get rid of stubborn body flabs, here are a few exercises that you can do:

For the bra bulge: Bent-over-rows

How to do it: Get a dumbbell and hold it in your right hand while standing next to a chair. Place your right hand on the chair and then start extending your left arm towards the floor. Bend your elbow out to the side and bring your weight up to your chest slowly. Do two sets of 15 repetitions on each arm.

For your Inner and Outer Thighs: the four-way lunge

How to do it: Place your hands on your hips, take a step forward with your foot (right) and then do a lunge. Lunge backward then return to start. Lunge to the right, then start. Lunge to the left then finish. Do 15 reps each set.

For your belly flabs: Planks

How to do it: Position yourself just like how you would when doing a push-up. With your forearms on the floor, raise yourself up and hold the pose with a flat back and belly for about 30-90 seconds. Repeat.

For those unsightly armpit overhang (that piece of flesh that hangs out over the top of a nice strapless dress) : Pushups

For your underarm flabs: Chair Dips

How to do it: Chair dips are good for toning your triceps.
Get a chair and place your hands at the edge of the seat then walk your feet out. Lower your rear slowly towards the floor while making sure that your elbows are bent on a 90-degree angle. Raise yourself back up and repeat. Fifteen reps comprise each set.