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Are you currently on the lookout for the latest diet craze in town because the last one (and all the other 15 before it) didn’t give you the figure of your wildest dreams? Maybe it’s high time you ditch dieting altogether no matter the shape or form.

It’s true that most diets allow you to shed off a pound or two but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s effective. As soon as you quit following the rules, you can expect to gain the lost weight — oftentimes tagging along additional pounds!


If you feel that the current diet you are in doesn’t seem to work, that’s because it doesn’t work. None of them actually does. Here are the top 5 reasons why dieting can actually make it harder for you to slim down, not easier:

Reason #1: It Slows Down Your Metabolic Rate

Having a speedy metabolism is advantageous for someone who likes to lose weight because it makes fat elimination really fast and effective. The best way to increase your metabolic rate is to exercise. Want to know the surest way to slow it down? Dieting.

Restricting food intake causes the body to switch to “starvation mode”, something which makes the elimination of fat extra difficult. Most diets also promote loss of muscle mass. You don’t want to lose lean muscles because muscles are like best friends to a weight-watcher — they burn lots of calories no matter if you’re walking, sitting down or sleeping.

Reason #2: It Leaves You Feeling Exhausted

Naturally, you will feel constantly tired and lifeless when you are consuming far less calories than your body needs. This keeps you from being physically active, something that you need plenty of if you want to slim down. To successfully drop those unwanted pounds, experts recommend for you to exercise for 20 to 60 minutes at least 5 times a week.

Reason #3: It Sets Off Hard-to-Resists Hunger Pangs

Because diets tell you not to eat this or not to eat that, you are depriving yourself of some of the good things in life — delectable foods. Losing weight in the healthy way permits you to indulge in the things you like once in a while. This rule is a no-no when you are subscribed to any form of diet.

Willpower is just like a muscle that gets fatigued. When that time happens, you can expect to wolf down just about anything that you spot in the kitchen, supermarket and fast food joint. Diet entirely ruined.

Reason #4: It Keeps You from Having a Balanced Meal

Your body is designed to be nourished with the right amounts of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. Most diets entail cutting off your consumption of certain food types, be it meat, vegetables, fruits or grains. If there’s one thing that doing this would lead to, that’s ending up deficient in certain vitamins and minerals.

Reason #5: It Distracts You from What Works

Two major components to an effective weight reduction include proper eating habits and regular exercise. Most fad diets do not even include these things in their respective rulebooks. You are too caught up in minding what you put (or don’t) in your mouth that you are forgetting to carry out actions that will actually help you get in shape for life.



Photo credit to: gunnercooke.com
Sources: http://fitstar.com/7-reasons-dieting-makes-weight-loss-harder-easier

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5 Reasons Why Dieting Makes It Harder to Lose Weight