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Football or soccer is one of the most famous sports in the whole world. You hear of players like Pele, Ronaldo, David Beckham and Hope Solo and you begin to wonder how on earth they became famous with just playing a sport. While the answer to that question may be a bit difficult to find, there are certain perks that come with playing the popular sport.

Read on to know the reasons why everyone should take up soccer.

  1. It’s very simple to play.

If there’s any doubt why just about anyone could take up soccer, here is the answer – it’s a simple game to play. Other sports need certain equipment for players to enjoy them. Hockey players need skates and sticks, golfers need clubs and basketball players need a hoop and a court. Granted that soccer also needs goals to shoot the ball into but it is not a necessity for a beginner of the sport. One could just bring a ball into an open space and practice. Of course, taking it up on a professional level would require additional equipment but in terms of introducing it to newbies, this is far by the simplest sport to play.

  1. It teaches good work ethic.

So this is probably not a monopoly of soccer as other sports could teach this as well. However, for one person to become successful at this sport, he must be dedicated, focused and willing to train hard to achieve good results. With the help of coaches and teammates, one is pushed to develop good work ethic that would be beneficial not just to the player but to the whole team as well.

  1. It encourages teamwork

There are eleven players on each side of the field fighting for possession and a chance to shoot the people. With the wide area used to play the sport, it would be very difficult to play the game all by yourself. You need the support, expertise and help of your teammates. There is no other way to achieve the goal of scoring against your opponents than to be one with your teammates.

  1. It promotes sportsmanship

In soccer, there is a thing called “Fair Play” wherein a team gives its opponent the advantage in a ball play if one of its opponents has been injured. Aside from that, a bad play is easily disciplined in soccer with the sanctions that come from yellow and red cards. As such, it is a good way to teach players the true definition of sportsmanship and players are encouraged to live it out not just during the entire 90 mnutes of the game but even before and after the match.

  1. You learn perseverance

Just like in life, nothing is ever easy and it’s pretty much the same with soccer. A team must work hard to shoot the ball in the opponent’s goal. It may seem frustrating when passes, controls and attempts fail but these failures help players learn the value of perseverance, which they could also apply in other aspects of their life.



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5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn To Play Soccer