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Yoga may be the last thing you have in mind when it comes to working out but you might be surprised to find that it actually has plenty of health benefits and not just letting you lose weight. Before, women were more inclined to do yoga but nowadays, more and more guys are seeing the benefits of this workout not only to their physique but overall health. So why should men include yoga as part of their workout regimen? Here are five reasons why.

Strengthen Core

Crunches and sit-ups are all well and good for your core but doing them over and over again can be boring leading you to stopping altogether. Although you can still get results with these workouts, sometimes doing a new workout regimen altogether will make your muscles work harder especially yoga. Executing yoga poses can help strengthen your core which is essential in performing various movements. By constantly practicing yoga, it won’t be long before you see those six packs appearing in your abdomen.

Lower Stress Levels

In these times, stress has become a part of everyone’s lives. Working out your stress in the gym or punching bag can increase your stress levels or make you too tired. Yoga, on the other hand, incorporates relaxing techniques that can help you get rid of stress from your body. The breathing exercises that accompany yoga can give you mental clarity as well while performing yoga which is rare in other exercise programs out there.

More flexible

Lifting weights can make your muscles stronger but may not do anything in terms of flexibility. Doing yoga can help your body become more supple and flexible allowing you to do more range of motions while at the same time minimizing your risk of injuries.


Build Strength in the Upper Body

Yoga can help make your upper body stronger as you move from one yoga pose to the next. It’s not just about doing planks but other poses like crows pose, handstands, inverted Vs, and so on. Yogis may make these poses easy but they will really test the muscles on your upper body.

Push You Beyond Your Limits

There are different types of yoga classes that you can choose from that range from gentle to intense. Finding a class that best fits your current fitness and then hold the yoga poses included in the training as long as you can will not only increase your cardio but also help create lean muscle mass for your entire body. Look for yoga classes that have “flow”, “Vinyasa”, or “Power” in the title and you can forego weight training for the day.

As you can see, yoga is perfect not only for women but for men as well. With yoga, you’ll be more flexible, have stronger core, and most of all a toned and healthier physique. Ready to burn those calories while pushing your body to its limits? Start practicing yoga today.




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5 Reasons Why Men Should do Yoga