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Kettlebells have been around for decades but it was only recently when they made a splash in the fitness industry. These round shaped weights with handles are actually present in most gyms but many tend to avoid them because they are not really sure how they work. This isn’t surprising since it is only a while back when fitness experts have discovered its numerous uses. For women who are looking for an effective way to tone their muscles and lose fat fast, working out with kettlebells is definitely worth trying.


Reasons for Using Kettlebells

Gaining access to gym equipment means having to pay for a membership. Running or jogging may be a good workout program but sometimes lifting weights can help get your muscles shaped up to perfection faster. So what makes kettlebells perfect for women who want to tone their muscles while losing weight?

They are inexpensive

Compared to other gym equipment that can cost thousands of dollars, kettlebells can be bought at less than $100. Even if you compare it with the cost of hiring a personal trainer or applying for a gym membership, buying a kettlebell is still considerably cheaper. What’s more, this piece of equipment can last you for six months and you can actually different workouts that target various muscle groups in your body.

More muscles get worked out

Unlike in traditional weights where you are preventing momentum from taking over your lift, kettlebell workout requires you to create as well as control momentum. Swinging the kettlebell while at the same time controlling its momentum forces different muscle groups to work out such as your butt, core, and legs. Of course, before you do any kettlebell training it is important that you warm-up first to get blood pumping and your muscles to be ready for the workout ahead.


It helps build muscles

Cardio workouts tend to burn fat but by using kettlebell you are burning fat and building muscles too. Since kettlebells weigh heavily, you are causing tiny tears in your muscle fibers which in turn will heal and grow to better accommodate the workout you are putting them through. Bigger muscles mean gaining strength but don’t you worry about bulking up too much as this won’t happen when you use kettlebells.

Lose weight faster

Aside from toning and tightening the muscles in your body, kettlebell workouts can help you burn calories faster. This is due to the wide range of motions that you can get as you swing and control the movement of the kettlebell. According to studies, exercising with kettlebell means you’re losing 20 calories per minute so a 20 minute workout session means you’re going to burn 400 calories.

Improved posture

Since kettlebell workouts involve the use of different muscles at the same time, your core needs to be engaged throughout the program in order to stabilize your movements. Good form is important in kettlebell training so if you’re feeling tired, resting up is recommended. As you workout with kettlebell make sure that your core and your back are straight regardless of the movement. Any bending that you’ll do should come from the hips, legs rather than your back.




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5 Reasons Why Women Should Use Kettlebells