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It’s always a challenge waking up in the morning so one could just imagine how harder it is to work out that time. But doing your exercise in the morning has its benefits and advantages.

First, the workout energizes you as you prepare for a long day at work. Not only that, but given the stress and deadlines you need to do, you wouldn’t have to trudge yourself to the gym after all those things. It also helps burn more calories within the day and aids in helping you sleep better.

But while these advantages are all well and good, it might still not be enough motivation to push you out of bed every single morning. Check out these things a lot of experts swear by to keep them up and about in the morning and ready for their workout.

  1. Set two alarms

This works for those who have the habit of saying, “5 minutes” before getting out of bed, which often leads to another half to an hour lying down. The first alarm is intended to jolt you awake, where you could still bargain for a few minutes before standing up and the second alarm is the final you-need-to-get-moving signal.

Another trick with the alarm is to keep it away from the bed as far as possible so you would have to stand up to shut it off. In the process, your mind goes to wake-up mode.

  1. Prepare clothes and equipment the night before

Waking up to ready clothes and equipment helps one push through with his workout. Aside from the fact that it helps save up time for when it takes a long time for you to get out of bed, having your stuff ready is one way to ensure that you head to the gym as scheduled. After all, wouldn’t those preparations at night just be a waste?

  1. Switch on a light

As soon as the alarm sounds off, one trick is to switch on the lights to feel the room with brightness as this helps decrease the production sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin, in the body. If you’re trying to save electricity, open the blinds and shutters to let the sunshine in instead.

  1. Take a cold shower

After sleeping for a good seven hours, it’s always a struggle to wake up and head to the gym. So one way to curb off the sleepiness is to take a cold shower that would waken the senses up. If you find yourself struggling with the chill in the morning, splash cold water on your face instead of a full shower.

  1. Have a workout group

Hitting the gym alone is boring and less prone for you to make up excuses. So why not join a fitness group? These people should have the same fitness goals as you so you all motivate one another to wake up and hit the gym. In case that’s not enough motivation, just think of it as another way to socialize and hang out with friends.


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5 Tricks To Jumpstart Your Morning Workout Routine