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The fitness industry is slowly being shaped by technology over the past few years. Although many don’t really think about technology when they step inside a gym, technology actually plays a part on how fitness franchises are changing these days.
Fitness franchises are on the rise today with over 50 million Americans belonging to different health clubs in their area. Experts believe that the numbers will continue to rise in the next couple of years and it appears that technology is helping these fitness boutiques out.

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How Technology Shapes the Fitness Industry

How is technology shaping the fitness scene nowadays?

Classes can be cloned

Quality is one of the biggest challenges that fitness franchises face as they expand. With the aid of the latest technology, these fitness boutiques are able to clone their classes and upload them in their website for easy access by fitness buffs without having to travel to their gym. There are fitness franchises that use technology to improve on their videos by choosing the right music, choreography, and lighting for their users to get the most out of their workout.


Fancy gym equipment

It appears that technology is already insinuating itself to traditional gym equipment. Modern day gyms are now equipped with workout equipment that are digitized for their clients to get more out of their exercise equipment. Going digital enables the user to choose the level of difficulty of their workout just by pushing some buttons.

Apps for everything

Technology has certainly evolved over the years and right now, fitness franchises are turning to it to create more fitness apps for their users. You’ve probably come across gym goers who are glued to their smart phones while working out. They’re most likely using a fitness app that tracks their calorie burn, their heart rate, the intensity of their workout and so on. Fitness franchises may be turning to technology to entice their members to book a fitness trainer through their own app.

Better communication

Fitness franchises that have expanded to different territories are also using technology for instant communication. With their smart phones and computers, they can easily monitor the progress of their expansion, the number of members they have in different locations, their earnings, and even checking out the latest gym equipment in the market. With the use of technology, fitness franchises are in a much better position to grow their business while at the same time provide their clients with better fitness experience.

Wearing technology

With technology getting smaller by the minute, fitness franchises are definitely considering wearable technology to help people stay fit even on the go. Fitness devices are all the rage these days and franchisors are definitely tapping into their power to help motivate their clients to keep up with their fitness goals.

Technology definitely has a hand on how fitness franchises operate these days which can be considered as an advantage since more and more people are now becoming interested in staying fit. Working out in the gym is no longer the same as gym equipment start to go digital for better workout experience. It’s no wonder many fitness franchises are looking to technology to provide their clients with better fitness results.




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5 Ways Technology is Shaping the Fitness Industry