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The Apple Watch is Apple’s introductory product in their first foray into the field of wearables and its appearance in the market actually marks an interesting moment in the world of fitness as it brings new meaning to wearable fitness trackers.

Health buffs relied mostly on Fitbit and Jawbone Up when it comes to fitness and health trackers but Apple Watch offers a more comprehensive approach to fitness while at the same time incorporating key elements to its available features. What Apple did is to incorporate GPS tracking that measures speed and distance when you workout, monitoring device for your heart rate, accelerometer, as well as proprietary apps that displays the amount of calories you’ve burned.

With the rising popularity of Apple Watch among health conscious individuals, app manufacturers are coming up with more ways to make their applications available for Watch users. Here are 6 fitness apps that are perfect for your Apple Watch.

Green Kitchen

No fitness regimen is complete without considering diet. Installing this app in your device allows you to access dozens of healthy recipes with matching ingredients and directions with every tap of your watch. It also has a built-in timer to tell you when to remove your food from the oven and such.



Fitness buffs who are always working out in the gym will definitely need this app as it helps track your gym activities from the number of repetitions, sets, and weights that you are using. With this app, you’ll be able to determine which exercises you haven’t done yet since they remain unmarked. You can also use this app to determine what gym equipment to use for specific muscles and so on.


For those who are always conscious on the amount of calories they’ve consumed, Lifesum is worth downloading into your Apple Watch. This app also tells you how much portion you should eat as well as what types of food you should avoid.

Hello Heart

This app is perfect for most Americans who have some form of heart condition. Hello Heart monitors your blood pressure and records and uploads vital information with regards to your heart immediately so you don’t have to wait for your doctor to monitor your heart’s current condition.

Map My Run

Since Apple Watch already has Nike+Running app embedded in it, why the need for another running app? Map My Run offers you a chance to get in touch with other running enthusiasts and when you combine this app with Apple Watch, what you will have is a platform where you can log more than 600 types of exercises, sync and record GPS activities to their MyFitnessPal and Apple Health accounts so they can share with their community.


Another fitness app that is worth considering for your Apple Watch, Human tells you to start moving every 30 minutes. It is easy to get absorbed with your work at the office but sitting for too long can cause health problems in the long run. This app can also pick up your runs, bike rides, walks, and other types of activities and will record them for you so you will get an idea on how much activity you’ve had for the day.




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6 Best Apple Watch Fitness Apps