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Strengthening your back and core muscles is important as they can help do your daily tasks such as lifting groceries, your baby, not to mention keeping proper posture while sitting in front of your desk. Crunches are good in tightening your abdomen but if you’re already tired from doing the same old thing, here are six more exercises that you can do to activate and strengthen your muscles at the core.


1.Knee Fold Tuck. Sit down with your hands placed on the floor and your knees bent. Place a playground ball between your knees to squeeze. Lift your knees until your shins are in a parallel position to the floor and with your arms extended in front of you. Bring your knees towards your shoulder while keeping your upper body perfectly still. Go back to your original position. Repeat this exercise 15 to 20 times.

2.Abdominal Crunch. This classic workout will certainly test your abdominal muscles. To do this workout, lie on your back with your feet pressed to a wall. This way, your hips and knees will be bent at a 90 degree angle. You should then tighten or activate your abdominal muscles. Lift your head and your shoulders off the floor. Place your hands across your chest so you can avoid straining your neck when you raise your head. Hold this position for three counts. Go back to your original position and repeat as often as you can.

3.Side Balance Crunch. Start this exercise with your left hand and left knee on the floor. Your right arm should be positioned straight up. Extend your other leg so that your body is in a straight line. Now, pull your knee towards your chest while lowering your right arm towards your right knee. Straighten your right arm and leg. Repeat this 10 times before you switch to your other arm and leg.

4.Bridge. This exercise can strengthen different muscle groups in your core area. Start by lying on the floor face up and your knees bent. Your back should be in a neutral pose. This means that there shouldn’t be any arch and your back shouldn’t be pressed down on the floor. Tighten or activate your muscles in the abdomen. Raise hips until they are in line with your shoulders and knees. Take three deep breaths before going back to your original position. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can.

5.Segmental Rotation. This workout is good in boosting your core muscle strength. To do this, you must first lie on the floor with your back in a normal pose and your knees bent. Again, your back shouldn’t be pressed towards the floor and that there shouldn’t be any arch too. Tighten the muscles in your abdomen. Make your knees fall on your left lightly without lifting your shoulders off the floor. Your knees should fall as far as you are comfortable with. Hold this pose for three counts while breathing deeply. Go back to the start and do the same steps to the right.

6.Circle Plank. This is a variation of the plank pose. Start by going in a plank position with abdominal muscles tight. Pull your right knee in then circle in a clockwise manner then





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6 Exercises to Strengthen Core Muscles