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A lot of people opt for diet soda in an attempt to limit their intake of sugar and ultimately ward off excess pounds. When taken at face value, the product seems really favorable because it contains no sugar which is linked to a host of problems like cardiovascular disease, cancer, insulin resistance, diabetes, fatty liver disease and obesity.


While it may sound healthier, diet soda is actually just as bad for you as its regular counterpart. The following are some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to skip this fizzy drink or at least reduce its consumption:


  1. Diet Soda Slows Down the Metabolism

Studies conducted recently had shown that the consumption of diet soda causes the metabolism to slow down. It’s not unlikely for you to gain weight when this happens as your body burns fewer calories as you proceed to consume your food in the usual amounts.


  1. Artificial Sweetener in Diet Soda is Linked to Various Health Problems

While it’s true that aspartame is just as sweet as sugar but without calories, the artificial sweetener is known to cause an assortment of very serious health problems. Some of them include epilepsy, diabetes, lymphoma, Parkinson’s disease and even brain tumor. Some diet sodas on the current market also contain bisphenol A, a substance which is said to increase risk of reproductive health issues and heart disease.


  1. Consuming Diet Soda Promotes Belly Fat

Fat in the abdominal area is the most dangerous kind. That’s because it serves as an indicator that the vital organs are also surrounded by fat. The reason why diet soda causes fat accumulation around the waistline is because the body thinks that it is actually about to digest sugar rather than artificial sweetener, causing the production of more insulin and ultimately an increase in belly fat.


  1. Diet Soda Causes Rotting of Teeth and Cavities

Generally, diet soda is more acidic than its regular counterpart. It’s exactly for this reason why the fizzy drink can easily wear away enamel that protects the teeth, causing rotting and cavities. Experts say that individuals who drink not less than 3 diet sodas daily usually have the worst dental health due to matters like tooth decay and discoloration.


  1. Everyday Intake of Diet Soda Increases Risk of Metabolic Syndrome

A University of Minnesota study revealed that having a diet soda a day caused a 36% increased risk of metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a bunch of biochemical and physiological conditions such as elevated glucose levels, increased blood pressure and raised cholesterol — all of which are associated with the development of heart disease and diabetes.


  1. Diet Soda Has No Nutritional Value

Each time you drink diet soda, you are not taking any calorie. In fact, you’re not consuming anything that does your body any favor. If you’re trying to lose weight, reach for a bottle of water instead of a can of diet soda. Water contains nothing that can harm your body. If it’s the fizz of diet soda that you like, go for sparkling water.






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6 Facts That Will Fizz Out Your Love for Diet Soda