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Exercises change over the years as fitness experts and scientists are looking for ways to challenge the body for it to be leaner, tougher, and stronger. However, there are some exercises that don’t seem to go out of date. As a matter of fact, they’ve become the foundation of numerous modern day exercises and at times, are incorporated into various workout regimens because they’re good sources of building muscle mass and sculpting muscles. One example of this is the pushup.


Different Types of Pushups and Their Benefits

Pushups are great for building strength in your arms not to mention help define your back and upper body. Did you know that changing how you pushup can actually benefit different parts of your back and arms? Here are a few variations of pushups and their benefits.

Basic Pushup

Everyone is sure to be familiar with this pushup. This exercise is challenging enough on its own with your hands placed under the shoulders. This workout targets your core, upper back, and arms. Start by going on a plank position with your legs and arms straight and your shoulders directly above your wrists. Inhale first then on your exhale, bend elbows to the sides while lowering your chest towards the floor. Hold your position once your shoulders are in line with your bent elbows. Inhale then push yourself up to your starting position.

Diamond Pushup

This variation of the basic pushup is designed to add more work on your triceps. The same principle apply as in the basic pushup but this time your hands should be placed under your chest with the thumbs and index fingers touching one another to create a diamond shape.


Spider-man Pushup

If you’re looking for something that will really challenge your core, your upper body and at the same time workout the muscles on the sides of your torso, the spider-man pushup is for you. Start by going on a plank position with your body forming a straight line and hands under the shoulders. As you bend your elbows outwards and to the sides bring your left knee towards your left elbow. Straighten your arms to go back to your original position with your left leg going back to its original position. Do the same with the right leg. This counts as one rep.

Down Dog Pushup

This yoga variation to the basic pushup will really workout your lats, abs, and upper back. As an added bonus, you’ll be giving your calves a nice little stretch. Start by assuming the down dog position but instead of your hands, use your elbows. Press your hands to the mat as you exhale in order to straighten your elbows. You should pull your navel up towards your spine so you can move your pelvis up in order to come into a Down Dog pose. On inhale, lower elbows gently towards the mat to complete one repetition.

Plyo Pushup Prep

This exercise works great in targeting different areas of your arms and chest. Take in a little air in between switching sides so you can complete this plyo pushup. To begin this exercise, go in a plank position on your knees. Move your left hand outwards and to the side. Bend your elbows to lower your chest towards the floor. Straighten your arms to go back to your first position. This counts as one repetition. Switch hands where you bring your left hand in while moving your right hand outwards. This is the point where you push off the floor to switch hands. Bend elbows to perform a pushup. This counts as one rep.

Pushup Rotation

This is another variation that will give your body a total workout. Your abs will get worked out as you move from pushup to side plank. Also, your sense of balance will be equally tested in this workout. Begin in a plank position with your legs straight out behind you and your shoulders above your wrists. Keep your back straight as you pull your navel in. As you lower yourself down on exhale, bend elbows out towards your sides. Hold this for one breath. Go back to a pushup position. As you reach the topmost position continue to a side plank position by releasing your right arm and raising it towards the ceiling. Make sure that your body is in a diagonal line. Hold this position for one breath then go back to a push up position. Repeat the same steps but this time, raise your left arm.

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6 Types of Push Ups and Their Benefits