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Before you head out to shop for foods that are being marketed for weight-watchers, you might want to read this first. The following may sound like they can help you attain the phenomenal figure you have always dreamed of but the truth is they’re giving you your worst nightmare! See which of the items below are on your shopping list.


Plain Yogurt   plain-frozen-yogurt

A serving of plain yogurt already contains approximately 16 grams of sugar. Opt for the flavored type and you could be consuming double that amount. There’s no denying that yogurt is good for the gut, immune system and bones. But if you’re trying to slim down, opt for plain and low-fat yogurt.


Sugar-Free TreatsiStock_000004145774XSmall

When shopping, so many weight-watchers instinctively go for products with “sugar-free” on the packaging. This is a huge misconception that undermines your fitness goal because manufacturers add fat in order to keep their goodies tasting great. A piece of sugar-free cookies, for instance, contains about 160 calories and around 9 grams of fat.


Trail MixIMG_3265

Because it’s loaded with complex carbohydrates and fiber, trail mix won’t harm your figure. Wrong. The store-bought type is also loaded with sugar and fat. Check the list of ingredients if you want proof. Rather than buy trail mix, it’s a good idea to concoct your own with ingredients such as mini pretzels, nuts and dried fruits.


Vegetable CrispsSmoked-Garlic-Aili-w-root-vegetable-crisps-3_A0

While they may contain more fiber, vegetable crisps are practically just as bad for your figure as potato chips. They are also loaded with calories, fat and sodium. In addition, some vegetable crisps on the market are actually made from potato flour given a new look with the use of food coloring and some convincing packaging.


Fancy Sushi Rollsa360_recettes_visuel_70

Only if sushi rolls were made of the basics — rice, seaweed, raw fish and vegetables — they’d be really great for your figure. However, most sushi rolls readily available these days can quickly sabotage your desire to slim down because they are loaded with fats and calories, thanks to the addition of mayo and cheese.



Most fruits are naturally high in calories, most especially the kinds that make for the perfect smoothies. It’s not unlikely for that enormous tumbler of smoothie to pack as much as 500 calories — more calories in a can of soda! This does not mean that you should scrap smoothies in your life. Opt for the smallest serving and skip the high-calorie mixers.



Good old air-popped popcorn is good for you as it contains fiber, protein, iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamin B6. When butter steps into the scene, that’s when popcorn can wreak havoc to your health and figure. This is especially true for the cinema-bought kind that is loaded with butter and comes in humungous quantities.


Diet sodasoda-glass

Just because the can has the word “diet” on it doesn’t mean it’s perfect for a dieter like you. The fact is studies have revealed that individuals who drank diet soda gained more weight than those who didn’t. Experts say it’s because you tend to crave more sweets due to the saccharine taste of these beverages.






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