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It’s fun to subject yourself to high intensity workouts every now and then but the body is not made for consistent torture and sooner or later you would need to rest and find something that has low impact in your body, muscles, joints and all.

Most trainers describe low-impact workouts as activities that require at least one foot on the ground at any time of the routine. But if the thought of doing deadlifts and other weights training bore you, no need to worry. Here is a round up of other activities that could help you exercise and give you the workout you need sans the high intensity.


It’s simple, easy and free. No need to hit the gym for this workout and the perk is that you could do it anywhere! Now if this activity seems to easy, just add weights on your ankles, carry dumbbells or don wrist weights to add resistance and keep your heart rate up.

Go up and down the stairs

Again, this activity is free and could be done even in the comforts of your home. However, if you have a gym membership you do not want to go to waste, check if they have a Stairmaster (equipment like a treadmill, only it has steps on it) that you could use. If not, try the stairs!


A treadmill is the usual go-to of people who want to get their cardio fix. But in terms of less impact on the body, the elliptical beats its older sister in this feature.  Aside from getting your heart rate up, it also helps tones your arms and upper body in the process.


So you said walking is boring? Why not add some spice to it and try hiking? The terrain would add a bit of challenge to your otherwise boring walking routine. You could keep the terrain on the flat side though to maintain less impact on your body. Nevertheless, the change of scenery and nature would definitely help boost the workout experience.


This low impact exercise would do your body wonders with all the stretching and twisting it entails. Not only that, the meditation part of the routine would help you relax and forget your stresses away.


This low impact exercise does wonders in your posture, back and arm muscles. It is also a good way to improve the function of your lungs and keeps your heart rate up for a good cardio workout at the same time.

Step Aerobics

Make use of those platforms in the gym and start your step aerobic session. The activity keeps your heart rate up without extra weight on your muscles and joints. Studies have shown that an hour of this cardio exercise is equivalent to a mid-distance run outside.


If gym exercises bore you then maybe it’s time to take out those dancing shoes and get a few tips from your favorite actors and actresses in “Dancing With The Stars.” Not only is it a fun way to shed off pounds, it’s a surefire way to make you feel confident and sexy in your skin too.



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