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Looking great means you have to make sacrifices. When it comes to losing weight, fortunately, the things you have to give up are bad not only for your figure but your overall well-being too. Saying goodbye to the following for good enables you to commit to healthy dieting and lifestyle, allowing you to be in your best shape for as long as you live:


  1. Sugar

The consumption of sugar from fruits is perfectly fine. However, the kind that comes in a plastic is definitely a no-no. White, brown, coarse, confectioners, liquid — any one of these types of sugars is bad for you. If you cannot take your coffee, tea or any other beverage without a hint of sweetness, try using pure honey or stevia.


  1. Bottled salad dressings

Many of these ready-to-use salad dressings contain lots of sodium which causes bloating, hypertension and even heart disease. Opt for low-sodium options or simply make your own salad dressing at home using healthy vegetable oils.


  1. Margarine

It was thought in the past that margarine was better than butter. These days, the truth is finally out. Margarine is packed with trans fat — a type of unsaturated fat which is believed by so many health professionals to be pure evil. Trans fat not only makes your waistline expand, but also raises bad cholesterol and increase heart disease risk.


  1. Soda

Regular soda is simply water with loads of sugar. So is it perfectly fine to opt for the diet variety? Not really. There’s not one study conducted that involved participants slimming down after switching to diet soda. In fact, many even gained weight as guzzling beverage containing little or no calories made them think it’s absolutely fine to eat more.


  1. Microwave popcorn

There is nothing wrong with air-popped popcorn. What gives this snack a bad rep is if it comes in the form of butter-flavored microwavable popcorn. A bag contains as many as 600 calories and 24 grams of fat. What’s more, the artificial buttering flavor diacetyl, when inhaled, can cause bronchiolitis obliterans or also known as popcorn lung.


  1. Deli meats

Deli meats are high in saturated fats. Many of them also contain nitrates linked to heart disease, diabetes and even cancer. Ditch deli meats and opt for excellent sources of protein like fish, chicken, turkey, lean beef cuts and legumes.


  1. Bagels and donuts

Having a high glycemix index, a bagel will cause your blood glucose levels to spike and make you feel hungry. Donuts are practically bagels laden with sugar. You are better off eating whole what bread, oatmeal or fresh fruits in the morning.


  1. Refined carbohydrates

Crackers, pretzels, cookies, chips and many other things that come in a box or bag should be avoided. That’s because flour used in making these items are processed and stripped of the germ and bran where all the health-giving contents of grains can be found. Refined carbohydrates cause an increase in blood sugar, leave you feeling exhausted, and make you hungry.


If you want to lose excess pounds and keep them off for life, make sure that none of the things mentioned above can be spotted in your kitchen or fridge. Once you start hearing family and friends complimenting your figure, you’ll be glad to have turned your back on all of these unhealthy products.






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