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It’s quite frustrating to find that after all the weights you’ve lifted and the crunches you’ve done, there are still areas of your body that remains flabby. If you want to get the best results without having to do another hundred crunches and dumbbell lifts, you might want to try these 8 toning exercises.

  1. Russian Twist.

    Love handles are tough to get rid of but by putting effort into targeting this problem area, you can say good bye to them in no time. This exercise targets your transverse abdominus, obliques, multifidus, and rectus abdominus. You can do this with our without weights. To do this, you need to sit on your glutes and your feet elevated. You should then twist your body from side to side. Do 3 sets of 10 to 20 repetitions.

  2. Spider-man Press Up.

    This workout targets the hips, chest, abs, triceps, obliques, and butt. Begin on the ground in a full push up position. As you bend your elbows to 90 degrees, bring your right knee out to the side and at level with your hip. Your arms should be tucked close to your sides so that your elbow and right knee will touch. Press up then go back to your first position. Do this 8 times before switching to the other leg.

  3. Burpees.

    This focuses on the shoulders, triceps, abdominals, upper back, and legs. It is also a combination of strengthening and cardio exercise which makes it one of the best exercises for the entire body. Do 10 repetitions.

  4. Sunburst slimmer.

    This exercise is designed to tone your shoulders, back, triceps, chest, butt, and abs. Start this exercise by going on all fours with your right leg extended behind you and parallel to the floor. As you bend your elbows and keeping them close to your sides, glide forward to lower your chin and chest slowly to the ground while you are lifting your right leg. Go back to the start and do 5 reps before switching to the other leg.

  5. Plank

    This is a good way to challenge your core muscles. You only need to be on a flat surface so you can hold this position properly. The hips should be low and level with the shoulders and the core muscles contracted. You should breathe while holding this position for a few seconds.

  6. Fallen Triangle.

    This works the abs, shoulders, inner thighs, and obliques. You should be on a full push-up pose. Move to the position of side plank where you shift your body’s weight to your left hand so you can raise your right hand. Do this simultaneously with extending your left leg under your torso and to the right. Pulse your left leg up and down about 1 inch for 5 times. Go back to your original position and do the same thing with your other leg.

  7. Bridges 

    This one is designed to strengthen your glutes, lower back muscles, and your core. As you contract and squeeze these muscles as you elevate your hips from the floor the more burn you are giving your muscles as well as increase your metabolism.

  8. Tightening Tilt.

    This exercise targets your abs, shoulders, legs, butt, and obliques. You should stand upright with your heels pressed together and your toes pointing out. Bring your bent right knee out to your side at the same level as your hip with your right toes touching your left knee. Raise your extended arms to the sides at the same level as your shoulder with the palms down. While keeping your upper body as tall as possible, you should hinge from your hips at a 45 degree angle. Look towards your left hand. Hold this pose for 4 counts before going back to your original pose. Do the same with the other leg.


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8 Toning Exercises to Firm Flab