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These surprising fitness tips from the pros can make getting in shape more interesting and exciting. Certainly, anything that is proven to work should be embraced with open arms — no matter how unusual it sounds. Read on!


  1. Workout Minus the Shoes

This tip gained much attention upon the publication of a 2009 book called Born to Run. According to the proponents of exercising sans the shoes, such as a group called Barefoot in Toronto, exercising is good most especially for people who are prone to workout-related injuries. It is said that ditching your shoes improves blood circulation and strengthens the bones.


  1. Have a Cup of Java Before Hitting the Gym

Celebrate if you love getting fit and drinking coffee. According to studies, caffeine taken before working out can help the body burn more fat. Caffeine also helps decrease muscle pain and fatigue, allowing you to work out much longer.


  1. Yell Out Mantras While Working Out

Screaming as you pump iron, do yoga poses or perform interval training can help boost your motivation and your attitude about working out. Yelling out affirmative words such as “I can do this” or “I am strong” also provides distraction so you don’t dwell much on the pain or exhaustion, allowing you to maximize your performance.


  1. Add More Red to Your Workout

It is said that the color red is powerful enough to give you a surge of intense energy. Take advantage of such benefit the color brings by putting on red workout clothes or painting the walls of your home gym in such shade.


  1. Workout with a Buddy or in a Group

No matter if your workout of choice is jogging, pilates or pumping iron, it’s a good idea to do it with an exercise buddy or with a group of people. According to the experts, it helps increase your motivation levels and make you stay more focused on reaching your fitness goal. Bonding with others can contribute a lot to your attempt at being fit.


  1. Reward Yourself with Chocolate Milk

Having a glass of luscious chocolate milk after working out is actually recommended by some fitness experts. Although every weight-watcher knows that this beverage is not the healthiest on the planet, the impressive amounts of calcium, protein and antioxidants in chocolate milk helps the muscles recover quickly. In fact, an Indiana University study revealed that athletes who took chocolate milk did not end up as fatigued in their second workout as those who drank sports drinks.


  1. Do Cardio First Thing in the Morning

Before you take your hearty breakfast, have your dose of aerobics exercise first. Experts say that doing this causes your body to turn to fat for energy because the carbohydrate stores in the muscles and liver are nearly depleted due to the hours you spent in dreamland without food.


  1. Don’t Aim to Sweat a Lot to Burn Fat

Just because you are sweating doesn’t mean you are burning fat. Take for example what happens when you step foot in the sauna room — you sweat not because you are melting off fat but because the room is just filled with steam. The best indicator that you are burning fat? An increase in your heart rate or a high score (10 as maximum effort) on the rating of perceived exertion or RPE.






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8 Unusual Fitness Tips That Actually Work