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Working out after a long hiatus due to summer break or a long vacation can be daunting. Most start with 5 minutes of treadmill which can be boring at first. At 10 minutes, it’s not uncommon to feel winded and by the time 15 minutes is over, many are ready to quit and swear that they’ll never do a single cardio for the rest of their life.

Unfortunately, cardio workouts are essential in your everyday life because it helps you move better, lift heavy objects easily, and even make you look and feel healthy too. Running for several miles is all well and good but there are other elements that you need to add to your workout regimen to really achieve your desired fitness level.

How can you bring back your love for your cardio workout? Here are 8 steps to try.
Plan. To make your cardio workout really effective you need to come up with a plan that you can stick to. Build a workout regimen that will increase in intensity to really keep you on your toes. Also, don’t forget to schedule your workout so you will know when your next session will be.


Many make the mistake of skipping this workout which usually leads to injuries. A dynamic warm-up can help boost your mobility while preparing your muscles for the intensity of your work out to minimize injuries.


Monitor your heart rate

Doing cardio workouts without being able to monitor your heart rate won’t do you much good because you need to know when to add more challenge to your cardio exercise and when to ease up to get the most out of it. Wearing a heart rate monitoring gadget can help.

Increase intensity

It’s not uncommon to find that most people who workout tends to hit a plateau when it comes to their workout session because they’re not increasing the intensity. Adding variations to your cardio can help get your metabolism churning even when you are at rest.

Build your cardiac strength

Interval training can help strengthen your cardiac system. You can start by setting your treadmill at a fast pace where you’ll feel out of breath for 20 to 30 seconds and once your heart rate hits its peak, slow your pace to bring back your heart rate to normal.

Add variations

Sticking to the same workout routine can grow boring real fast. Adding variations such as sprinting and even body-weight exercises can build up your strength while toning your muscles and improving your overall health.

Avoid that little voice

There will be times when your inner self will be telling you to quit because the workout is hard to do. If you really want to get back to your former weight with better physique put a sock on that little voice and get moving. Discipline is key to achieving your goals in fitness.

Always cool down

Just like warm up is important in your workout, so is the cooling down period. Not only will this help with your recovery but you’re also slowing your body down after your intense workout.




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8 Ways to Build Your Cardio Workout