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According to Palo Alto Medical Foundation, obesity is on the rise in teenage girls. Among the common reasons for their weight gain are inactivity and eating a diet that is high on calorie content. Teens also tend to gain weight during their adolescence. However, this shouldn’t be an excuse for teenage girls to not do anything as the pounds start to accumulate. By incorporating daily activities such as playing sports or working out, you’ll be able to stay fit while in your developmental stage.

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Common Pitfalls for Teenage Girls

Many teenagers who worry about their weight tend to fall in various fitness traps. Here are some examples that you should avoid.

1. You assume that exercise isn’t the solution

There are some teens who think they look fat or stupid when they exercise that is why they skip it all together. It is not surprising to find that girls who tend to be active actually say that they feel better overall while those who are living a sedentary life tend to complain about their current health.

2. You feel bored or embarrassed

You hate team sports or using the treadmill. These shouldn’t be excuses for you to not become physically active. If you’re not inclined to do any sports but are interested in other activities such as martial arts, dancing, or even yoga, do them. They are perfect for shedding pounds and since you enjoy them, you won’t have a hard time doing it over and over again.

3. Exercising Too Much

There are some instances where teenage girls tend to overdo their workout in the hopes of shedding pounds as fast as possible. It’s easy enough to spot someone who is too obsessed with her workout. Signs such as being exhausted all the time or not resting for a day can mean too much working out. Keep in mind that your body needs to rest for the muscles to recuperate and to strengthen properly. Pushing yourself too much can cause tearing of muscles and other injuries.


Easy Exercises for Teen Girls

It’s easy enough to dream of having a body of a runway model but achieving it is entirely different. For teenage girls to easily shed the pounds they’ve gained over the weeks, some simple exercises can do the trick.

1. Burning Fat

One of the best ways to achieve weight loss is to become physically active. Consulting your GP is a good place to start so you can discuss your fat burning workout regimen properly. For teenagers, shedding one to two pounds per week is recommended. You will need to burn up to 1,000 calories in a day. High intensity exercises that are enjoyable such as swimming or jogging can do the trick.

2. Interval Training

Teenage girls who are keen on the idea of losing weight can benefit more when doing interval training. Interval training begins with a moderate activity such as walking slowly for a few minutes before doing a high intensity activity such as fast paced laps on the pool. Alternating moderate intensity and high intensity activities can help you lose weight and at the same time build up your muscles’ strength.

3. Strength Training

This is another exercise that teenage girls can do if they want to improve their bones and muscles. This requires basic equipment such as dumbbells or resistance bands. Other types of strength training that are appropriate for teens include yoga, rock climbing, and Pilates.

4. Circuit Training

Exercising can be boring for some but with circuit training, teenage girls will be able to fight boredom by bringing fun to their work out. A good circuit training starts with a strength training exercise like leg lunges or abdominal crunches. Afterwards, you should switch to a cardio workout like jumping jacks, jogging, jumping rope, and others. You should alternate the two on each circuit that you do. When choosing strength training exercises, look for those that can target different muscle groups such as your hips, chest, legs, back, arms, and abs.

5. Aerobic Exercise

Not all exercises require endless sit-ups, push-ups, or even lifting weights. Sometimes even the simplest form of exercise such as dancing, inline skating, swimming, and biking can do the trick.




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Basic Exercises for Teenage Girls