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Free weights are all well and good but working out on one of the machines in the gym can also do you a world of good especially if you’re aiming for a toned and sculpted physique. Of course, if you’ve just visited a gym for the first time, seeing dozens of different machines can be overwhelming especially when you consider that there are a lot of guys out there who are killing their workouts easily.

Important Points to Consider

If this is your first time to do machine workout, you need to keep a few things in mind. One, you should start simple. Diving into the more complex workouts without first familiarizing yourself with the different machines in the gym as well as how much stress your body can endure is going to hurt you a lot both physically as well as mentally. So keep your workout simple at first until you become accustomed to the stress then gradually increase the intensity.

You should also pay attention to your form rather than how many reps you have done or aiming for a personal best. Although the machine can act as a guide through your workout, you still need to make sure that your back is straight or that you are resting properly on the pads on the exercise machines.

Machine Workouts to Try

  • Smith Machine – This machine is perfect for doing squats, chin-ups, presses, and others in just one machine. For starters, use the bar only and so some squats to acquaint your body with the weight and form. Add 10 pound plate on each side then position yourself at the center with the bar resting on the blades of your shoulder. Keep your feet staggered with your right foot in front of the left. Lift the bar off the supports so your body will hold the weight. Bend your knees at a 90 degree angle then go back to the start. Do 12 reps then switch to the other leg.
  • Leg Press – Leg presses target your quadriceps, calves, hamstrings, and glutes. To do this exercise, you need to sit on the leg press machine first. You should then place your legs on the platform positioned in front of you. Lower the bars that hold the platform safely in place then press the platform upwards using your legs. Avoid locking your knees as you push the plate upwards. Inhale while you slowly lower the platform until your torso as well as your legs makes a 90 degree angle.
  • Seated Cable Row – This machine workout is designed to enhance or sculpt your upper body. Start by sitting on the machine with your feet placed on the footrests and your hands on the handles. Pull the handles towards your body while squeezing your shoulder blades together and your abs engaged. Go back to the original position. Aim for 2 sets of 12 repetitions.

These are just a few examples of basic machine workouts that you can do to help you exercise those unused muscles. Don’t forget to start simple then slowly increase your work out.







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