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TRX workouts bring a whole new meaning to fitness because instead of using hand held weights or gym equipment to work out, you will be hanging from yellow and black straps as you perform various resistance exercises. TRX is actually good for improving your sense of balance, stability, movement, and flexibility.

Why Choose TRX for Your Fitness

What’s great about TRX training program is that instead of relying on weights or even exercise machines, you will be relying mostly on your body’s weight and gravity as you perform various exercise routines. In regular fitness programs, you are only working out specific muscle groups whereas in TRX, as you contort your body to execute various poses, you’ll be working out your entire body. Not only that, but it will also help increase your heart rate which can help get more oxygen to your muscles.

Basic Workouts for Beginners

Low Single Leg Row

This workout targets your core and back as well as teaches you how to balance properly. Start by positioning yourself in front of the base point where you’ll hold onto the straps, walk your feet until your torso creates a 45 degree angle. Extend one of your legs then perform a row while keeping your leg and hips lifted. You should squeeze elbows toward your upper body then extend arms to release.

Split Squat

Step one foot into the strap before facing away from the base point. Make sure that you step or hop forward until you can perform squats. See to it that as you sink to a squat your front knee shouldn’t go beyond your toes and that your back is straight.


Chest Press

One thing you need to know about this workout is that the angle of your body will make it more challenging. To begin this workout, you should face away from your base point. Stepping back will increase the intensity of this exercise. While engaging your core and bringing your shoulders down, squeeze chest as you bend elbows to a 90 degree angle.
Mountain Climbers. In this workout, you should start in a plank position with both of your feet into the TRX straps. As you exhale, bring one knee towards your chest. Upon inhale, bring your leg back to its original position. Switch sides. See to it that your legs and back are straight and that your core is engaged as you perform mountain climbers using your TRX equipment.

Bicep Curls

Face the base point with your hands grabbing the straps in an underhand grip. Lean back as you step away from the base point. Make sure that your core is tight and that your spine is straight as you lean back. Bend elbows keeping them in line with your shoulders. See to it that your elbows are lifted as you extend your arms.

As you can see, there are plenty of workouts that you can do with your TRX equipment. You don’t really need to be enrolled in a gym or even spend hours inside one just to work out your muscles. This equipment is perfect in improving your overall fitness wherever you are.



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Basic TRX Workouts for Beginners