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Most people think that when it comes to core strength it refers to having six pack abs or a flat belly. Although these factors can push people to work on their core, there is more to this than just having a well-toned midsection. As a matter of fact, when you strengthen your core muscles you are also improving your balance, posture, and breathing while at the same time easing the pain in your back.

Understanding the Core

If you ask someone where the core of their body is, most likely they will be pointing somewhere near their navel. Although this is somewhat correct, the abdominal muscles aren’t the only ones that make up the core of your body. The core is also composed of the pelvic muscles, hip muscles, and mid and back muscles. These muscles are the ones that support the skull and spine when they move.

Basically, the core is the one responsible for keeping your entire body stabilized regardless of whether you are moving or are at rest. And since most of your body’s movement is centered on your core, it is only right that you work to improve its strength as it can help boost your posture, movement, as well as alignment of the spine.

Benefits of a Strong Core

What can you gain from having a strong core? Here are examples of benefits that have been proven through various studies.

  1. Improved performance in sports.

    Playing sports mean having to rely on your core to help produce force for your limbs so you can run, jump, throw, and so on. The stronger your core is, the faster your reflexes will be which is important not just in sports but also in real-life situations.


  2. Reduce back pain.

    It has been found that those with core muscles that are weak are prone to experience back pain and injury due to lack of proper support for the spine. Pilates and yoga are recommended when strengthening core muscles to alleviate discomfort as well as boost one’s mobility.

  3. Better posture.

    Exercises that strengthen the core actually work the entire muscles from the front of your torso all the way to the back which helps you to stand tall and align all of your limbs. When you strengthen your core, you are also making your posture better which in turn reduces your risk of degeneration of the vertebrae and herniated disc while at the same time improve your breathing.

  4. Tasks on the job.

    Your core is often engaged whenever you lift heavy objects, standing, or even twisting around. Poor core muscles can make your back feel stiff and sore especially when you don’t practice good posture. By strengthening the muscles around your core, you will make it easier for your body to do various tasks needed in your work for optimum performance.

  5. Stability and balance.

    Just like it was mentioned before, your core is important in keeping you stabilized and balanced regardless of whether you are simply standing, sitting, or even in motion. If you are prone to tripping or being off balanced, work on your core muscles and you will see improvements in your sense of balance.

These are just a few examples of the benefits that you can gain from having a strong core. There are plenty of core exercises out there that you can do in the gym or even in the comforts of your own home so start doing them now and see how well your body improves.



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Benefits of Core Strength Training