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Most people include staying fit and healthy in their New Year’s resolution but sadly, only a handful actually made great strides in their goal of accomplishing this resolution. It’s already 2015 and it’s high time that you take your fitness and your health into consideration and what better way to do so than by using fitness apps?

Fitness apps are all the rage these days as more and more individuals are turning to fitness applications downloaded in their smartphones to help them stay motivated and reminded of the workout session they need to complete. The only problem is that with dozens of applications to choose from, which one should you use?

Top Fitness Apps for Health Buffs

For those who are taking their health and fitness into their own hands, here are the best apps that you should look into.


If you’re not keen on the idea of downloading several apps for different exercises, this app will do everything for you from manually logging the hours you’ve exercised and what type of exercise you did all the way to tracking the distance you’ve run, walked, or jogged, this app can handle everything. Of course, you have to pay around $30 for it to use the full version.



Pushing yourself to workout on your own can be tiring and at times can sap you of your enthusiasm. If you want to be surrounded with likeminded people who are also working out to stay fit, Cody is the best app to use. This free fitness app lets you track your progress while at the same time connect with other people within your area who are also hitting the gym and are trying to stay fit. This way, you can get in touch with others, follow their workout regimen, and even give each other support as you work your way to better health.

Lose it!

This application is focused more on calorie count with the help of a built-in food diary and exercise log. With this app, you can create your weight loss goals and it will monitor your progress for you. This diet-tracker isn’t just about counting calories but can also help with nutrient check as well.


What better way to motivate yourself than with money? Pact, or GymPact, as it was formerly know, encourages its users to workout our pay up. This works by setting a goal such as working out for a number of days and if you fail, you’ll be doling cash as penalty. If you manage to complete your goal, you will get paid based on the amount you put up at the start. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is.


For those who want to approach their fitness goals casually, Human is a good app to download. This app focuses on helping you achieve your “daily 30” or 30 minutes of working out. You can do running, jogging, swimming, or even dancing if you like. The app will remind you that you’ve achieved your goal for the day once you hit the 30 minute mark.


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Best Fitness Apps to Use in 2015