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Normal cardio workouts may tend to become boring and once you become bored with a workout, chances are, you’ll be making up all sorts of excuses to not get your butt off the sofa. If you’re looking for a cardio workout that will get your blood pumping then switching to boxing is definitely a great idea.

Boxing is an exercise that works out your entire body which means your cardiovascular system is actually being improved. This calorie-burning and high intensity workout will not only improve your endurance levels but also help you get a toned physique.

What You Will Need

For those who want to try boxing as their cardio workout, you will need the right equipment first. You should check out sports shops for a punching bag, boxing gloves, jump rope, and wrist wraps. Once you’ve acquired all the equipment you need, start by wrapping the wrist wraps around your hands. This provides protection for your knuckles and fingers when you punch the heavy bag. When you’re ready to box and after you’ve warmed up, wear your boxing gloves so you can work with the punching bag.

The Routine

Just like with any other type of workout, warming up is important in boxing as well. You can start by jumping rope for 3 to 5 minutes then do 1 minute of jumping jacks to get your muscles loosened up. The first round is working on the punching bag for 3 minutes. You can use jabs here first so you can get a feel for the punching bag. Practice your double and triple jab for the first three minutes.

Once the three minutes are up, give yourself time to rest for a full minute. Catch your breath and prepare for the next round. You can also jog in place as you rest so you can also workout your legs for better movement.

The next round is for your jab and straight or the 1-2 combination. Make sure that when you hit the punching bag with a straight you put your back into it to get that resounding Wap! You’ll feel a certain satisfaction when you manage to pull off a perfect straight.
After your three minutes are up let yourself rest for a full minute. The next round is for working out different combinations and not just your jabs and straights. This time, work on your hook while incorporate double and triple jabs as well as straights. Don’t forget to move around so you’ll get a full body workout. Rest for 1 minute.

In the next round, without forgetting to move around, start using the straight, left hook, and straight combination. This will take some time getting used to especially executing the left hook but you have three minutes to work it out. Again don’t forget to rest for a minute while hydrating yourself.

For the next round, do a left hook followed by two straights. This requires timing and proper balance with your feet so that by the time you’re left hand is going back on a defensive position after throwing that left hook, your body is perfectly balanced to execute a right straight. Once the three minutes are up it is time to cool down. You can cool down using your jump rope for five minutes to bring back your heart rate to its former speed.




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Boxing as Cardio Workout