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Staying physically fit is one of the most common reasons why people workout in the gym. If you’re also considering shedding pounds by going to the gym and using the available equipment there, you need to stop and read this first so that you’ll avoid making these common mistakes that people make when working out.

  1. Not taking the time to learn the right technique.

    Sure you’re familiar with theory of bicep curls, tricep dips, bench presses, and the like but knowing the proper form is often forgotten. This can lead to aches and pains afterwards which you could have avoided if you took the time to learn the proper posture. It would be better if you work with a fitness expert or coach for the first few months until you know the right form by heart.

  2. Low repetitions.

    If you’re aiming for muscle growth, anything lower than 8 won’t do. The recommended number of repetitions for each set is 8 to 12 reps. Based on a study that was recently conducted, those that lifted weights that made them do 25 to 30 repetitions increased the protein synthesis of their muscles which is important in building muscle mass as opposed to those who lifted weights that only allowed them to do 4 repetitions. Also, going for heavier weights will only limit your reps.

  3. For the love of machine.

    Most gyms have plenty of modern day fitness equipment for you to choose from but instead of relying on them to work out your body, sticking with dumbbells and barbells comes highly recommended. Go for bodyweight and free-weight instead of using gym equipment all the time. If you want to use exercise machines use Free Motion or Unilateral Strength.

  4. Rounded back while deadlifting.

    There are a lot of people who are guilty of this gym error. A rounded spine while lifting heavy weights can cause injuries overtime such as slipped disc. When lifting, make sure that your spine is in the neutral position and that you engage your core while lifting.


  5. Not resting much.

    For bodybuilders, it’s not the amount of weight that they lift that is the problem or the intensity of their workout but the minimal amount of rest they do in between. If you’re bulking up, you should have adequate amount of rest in between your gym sessions so that your muscles will have ample time to recuperate and strengthen. Experts recommend resting for 72 hours of recuperation for your body except when you’re training your abs and calves.

  6. No stretching.

    Another common gym error that a lot of people make is working out without stretching. Those who have desk jobs or are often sitting down most of the time tend to make their muscles tighten on their lower back, shoulders, and neck. Stretching allows the muscle to regain their natural movement so you’ll be able to perform various exercises without straining your muscles too much.

These are just a few examples of gym errors that a lot of people make. If you’re guilty of doing these, it’s about time that you correct them to avoid injuries in the long run.


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Common Gym Errors that People Make