Exercise With Your Pet For A Healthier You


Working out could be boring especially if you are doing it on your own. If your friends are too busy to accompany you in your quest to have a healthier lifestyle, don’t fret. You just might find a good workout buddy in your four-legged friend.

Just like humans, dogs and cats also need exercise to have a long and healthy life. Sadly, they don’t get many activities that would help them build a healthy system. Your pet should not suffer in this regard. Instead of sacrificing their well-being, why not make a difference in your health and theirs by working out together?

Here is a list of activities you could do with your pet that does wonders to both your fitness and condition.

  1. Interval Walks

Walking is perhaps the easiest and best way to get your heart rate up. Take your dog for a stroll in the park. Alternate it with long leisurely walk and then a quick jog after for a different pace. You can even do this workout twice a day, in the morning and evening to really create an impact in your health and fitness.

  1. Fetch Game To Get Abs

Who says playing fetch with your pup is boring? Not with this added benefit. Instead of just telling your pooch to pick up his favorite toy, add a level of difficulty for you to help tone your abdominal area. While lying in a sit-up position, hold your dog’s toy and pretend to throw it as you sit up so that he would chase it. Return to the lying down position and go back up as you pretend to have your pet fetch it back again. See how many repetitions you could do before your dog realizes you’ve been playing tricks on him. On another note, you could also just throw the toy for him to catch, the only downside is that it might take him a long time to return to your side, delaying your reps.


  1. Dog Tag

This is another simple workout with huge benefits to your body. The running and sprinting would do well for your heart rate. Following the rules in your childhood game, “tag” your dog and let him chase after you as you try to outrun him.

  1. Climbing up the stairs with dog

If you’re more of an indoor type, why not build your quads and sculpt your legs as you go up and down your stairs at home? Have your dog or cat beside you the whole time as the motion and activity would both benefit you and your pet.

  1. Feline Light Cardi

Cats are notorious suckers for light so why not take advantage of this in your home workout. Hold a flashlight on each of your hands as you do jump rope movements (you could either use a real jump rope if your hands could hold both the ends of the rope and a flashlight or you could mimic it). Your cat would see the light bounce of the wall and try to catch it, giving your kitty a good cardio exercise the same time you do.



Photo credit to: girlsgonesporty