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A lot of gym goers tend to focus most of their attention on working out their biceps and triceps. Although there is nothing wrong with such exercise routine, it seems that they’re forgetting that each of the exercise that they’re doing requires strength coming from the forearms, wrists, and hands. You might have seen some guys strapping their wrists to the bar before they deadlift or use padded handles when working on their pull-ups. These people may be performing well in terms of number of reps but they lack one thing and that is strong grip.


Why Strengthen Your Grip

Strengthening your grip is important if you want to execute each upper body workout to the fullest. Your hands aren’t meant to be coddled or protected with paddings and such. Using these accessories aren’t doing you any good at all because instead of strengthening your grip, you’re only making the muscles on this area of your body weak and unable to perform to the best of their abilities. A strong grip not only makes it easier for you to lift weights but add more power to your work out.

Effective Grip Exercises

You’re probably thinking of endless repetition of squeezing grippers or hundreds of wrist curls but they’re not as effective as you may think. Here are better grip exercises that can help you increase the strength in your grip.

Bar Hangs

Hanging from a monkey bar is a good way to challenge your grip because instead of just supporting a fraction of your weight, you are relying on your grip muscles to carry your entire weight. For added challenge, try hanging from a bar using one hand. What’s great about bar hangs is that it works out more than just your grip. It can also boost your upper body strength.
Thick Bar Training. Another way to boost your grip’s strength is to thicken the bar that you are holding. You can either wrap a towel on the handle of your barbell or look for thicker bars perhaps in the park or purchase one. Thicker bars require more from forearms and hands so that even the most basic lift can help strengthen your grip.


Finger-tip Push-Ups

You tend to do a lot of squeezing and grabbing when doing grip training but for you to gain iron grip you need to counter these movements. One way to do so is through finger-tip push-ups. This exercise strengthens your extensors or the muscles responsible in opening your fingers. It also helps strengthen tendons and other muscle groups.


Two-Hand Pinch

Put together two weight plates of the same weight with their smooth sides facing outwards. Grip the plates using your thumbs on one side and your fingers on the other. Squeeze the plates and lift them just like in deadlifting. Hold them in front of you for a few seconds before bringing them back down.
Strengthening your grip is just as important as working on your upper extremities. Without a good grip you won’t be able to execute various lifts to the fullest.



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Exercises to Strengthen Your Grip