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You want to get in shape but so far you’ve only been successful in taking the form of a couch potato. You know you need to get up and be on your way to the gym but there are just times when you find it hard and really difficult to shuffle your way to fitness.

If all these sound familiar, do not fret. You probably just need inspiration to keep you up and about. Luckily, your favorite films may just be the answer to this problem. Check out these five films that might just bring you a stroke of inspiration to start our way to a healthier you.


And not just the first “Rocky” film but “Rocky” 1 to 6 may be the best movie marathon to get you of your fitness slump. As an underdog, nobody really expected Rocky Balboa to win his matches but in a stroke of luck, or perhaps, intense training, the character played by Sylvester Stallone was successful in beating Apollo Creed (not once but twice) among others.

As you see Rocky getting freebies from the neighborhood grocer as he does his morning runs, you just might be forced to schedule your cardio workouts in the morning too. While going up the stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art might be too much, trade it for a few, quick flights up and down your own stairs. And next time you hit the gym, make sure to inquire about the next boxing classes too.

G.I. Jane

You’re probably used to seeing Hollywood actresses sport toned arms and rock hard six-pack abs nowadays but when this movie came out in 1997, it wasn’t the case then. Demi Moore became the poster girl for “macho girls” and “girls with attitude,” thanks to the two personal trainers the actress reportedly hired to prepare for this film. Moore had to go a series of intense workouts, which included accordion crunches, duck squats and military presses to get the negative body fat percentage look she had in the film.

The film also made popular the one-armed push-ups for ladies and if that might be too difficult for you to do, just aim for two arms and you’d be good to go.

Million Dollar Baby

Hillary Swank as Maggie Fitzgerald, the former waitress turned boxer, inspired a lot of women into taking boxing as a cardio exercise after this film came out. If you want a good workout to release your work stress away, try out boxing and move your way into scoring chiseled and toned arms in a few sessions.


Since this film starring Gerard Butler came out, hundreds of men across the globe have all taken a long, hard look at their abs (or lack of it) and vowed to make it as close as possible to what they saw on the screen. To add a bit of realistic insight, the actors’ abdomens were indeed chiseled and rock hard but makeup artists behind the scenes also played a part in making it that perfect. If you prefer to have six packs like that minus the makeup, then crunches are the best exercise for you to try out.



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Find Inspiration To Work Out With These 4 Films