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Going on a dinner or movie date is so yesterday’s news. What’s in is getting both you and your partner sweaty and healthy while enjoying each other’s company. Cuddling on the sofa and sampling the finest cuisines can go to all the wrong places in your body hence getting off your butts and working out may both give you that adrenaline rush that will add more spark to your relationship.

Date Ideas to Get Couples Fit

For couples who are looking for more ways to strengthen their relationship while at the same time avoid succumbing to the usual date routines, here are some fitness date ideas to try out.

Workout in the Gym

If you and your partner are both health buffs then this date idea is perfect for you. Even if your partner isn’t really someone who goes to the gym to workout, inviting them to workout with you may entice them to step inside a gym. Workout together while chatting and catch a post-workout meal after.

Naked Yoga

Stripping down to your bare skins doesn’t necessarily mean diving under the sheets immediately. Why not climb on a yoga mat instead? Doing yoga in the nude can help couples become more aware of their bodies while at the same time deal with any insecurities as you both perform different yoga poses. Not only does this fitness date help you become more flexible and healthy but you’ll also get in terms with any issues with both of your bodies.



This is definitely a good date idea as running can help you both stay on top of your game. What’s more, running with your partner is a good way to motivate each other to become healthier. Add some fun to your fitness date by racing each other and coming up with enticing rewards.


What better way to build a better bond than to enjoy each other’s company with Mother Nature? Hiking is also another great fitness date idea that many couples are turning to in order to get that natural high after spending hours on a trek to reveal a gorgeous landscape for them to enjoy. The feeling of being rejuvenated as well as increasing your positive feeling will also contribute in adding more spice to your time together as you enjoy nature and each other’s company.

Rock Climbing

Regardless of whether you are new to rock climbing or are already a veteran, this date idea will definitely boost you in more ways than one. Rock climbing engages your entire body especially when you choose harder climbing courses. Aside from this, you are also building trust with your partner as you need one another to successfully rock climb. This should definitely be on your list of fitness date ideas if you want a more challenging relationship builder that you both should enjoy.

Who said that going on dates should be limited to the movie house, bars, or restaurants? Going fit is just as enjoyable as other date ideas and the best part is that you both are treating your bodies as well.




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Fitness Date Ideas for Couples