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If you’re tired of doing the same old routine in your boring gym, then maybe it’s time to have a change of scenery. Working out doesn’t have to be confined in the four corners of a room. Sometimes, it’s also fun to do it outside, one with nature.


So if you’re feeling adventurous and looking for a unique way to do your workouts, then check out this unique and innovative gyms across the United States to take your workout routine up a notch.


Red Rocks Fitness

If you are looking for a place to do your workout and be one with nature then this is the perfect class for you. Based in Denver, Colorado, the classes of Red Rocks Fitness are all held in – you guessed it – Red Rocks Amphiteathre. The nature-made amphitheater, which has been home to many concerts and camping activities, is now also the home of the 12-week fitness challenge led by Joe Hendricks of It Burns Joe Fitness. Join others as you climb up and down the stairs of the amphiteatre and burn away all those extra calories.


SWERVE Fitness

If you are the type who prefer to stay indoors but would love to have the workout given by a bike than you should head to New York City’s first team-inspired indoor cycling workout club. Started by three ex-college athletes, the idea behind the workout is to do it by teams where scores are based on the overall energy of the group, which the state-of-the-art technology bikes record. Workouts include, speed intervals, heavy hills and team challenges.


Hiking For Yoga

Remember doing yoga by the beach? Pretty much the same except for the part that you have to hike to reach the area where instructors would conduct yoga classes. The first hiking yoga class started in 2009 in San Francisco and have since been active in numerous cities across the country. One would be led across scenic trails where the participant would be able to enjoy and be one with nature. This is a good workout for those looking to mix cardio activity with meditation.


Paddle Into Fitness

Water lovers would enjoy this one-of-a-kind workout area where sun, sand and surf comes together. It is known for the famous stand-up paddleboard (SUP) yoga workout where one does exercises and meditates while on top of a paddleboard afloat the San Diego Bay. The fitness firm is owned by Gillian Gibree, a professional stand-up paddleboarder. If you think this is easy, just try maintaining your balance on the paddleboard as you stretch your muscles and conduct the triangle pose. The added challenge does wonders to ones strength and muscles.


Brooklyn Zoo

Located in Brooklyn, New York, this unique fitness studio does not offer the usual dance classes or fitness lessons one would find inside the gym. If you’ve ever wondered how Spider-man crossed and jumped across buildings if he didn’t have spider webs to cling to, then you should head to this gym. Brooklyn Zoo is a 4,500 square foot area for those who want to do parkour and do it really well. Aside from parkour, the studio also offers lessons in breakdancing, trampoline and other acrobatic and gravity-defying stunts.

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Five Unique Gyms To Try In The United States