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Most people are too focused on what kind of exercise they’ll be doing to achieve that fit and sculpted body that they tend to forget to pay attention to where they’re going to get the fuel for their body. It doesn’t matter whether this is your first time to start a workout program or are already an athlete, the kind of food that you eat matters a lot.

No matter what kind of exercise regimen you’re going to do, you need to give your body fuel to be able to execute the poses correctly. Knowing what foods to eat before, during, and also after your workout is essential so you’ll be able to increase your performance level to get the best results.


Tips on What Food to Eat


Before Exercise

If you want to have more energy to perform your exercise routine as well as endurance to see it to the very end, you should eat foods that contain carbohydrates, fats that are good for the heart, lean protein, and a lot of liquids. The muscles need carbohydrates from foods such as cereals, breads, pasta, fruits, rice, and even vegetables to gain energy while foods containing protein is for your blood cells and muscles. Of course, fluid is essential in order for you to stay hydrated. However, if you only have 10 to 15 minutes left to eat before you start to workout, go for foods that are easily digested such as a piece of fruit or a cup of yogurt.


During Exercise

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just working out under an hour or are a professional athlete that needs several hours of training, you need to stay hydrated. Frequent sips of water in between exercises can help you retain enough fluids in your body. For those who work out vigorously and for longer periods, you can retain your energy by eating 50 to 100 calories every 30 minutes. Banana, raisins, as well as energy bar will work nicely for you.


After Exercise

After you finish working out, you need to recharge your body through eating the right kind of foods. Of course, the first thing that you should do is to hydrate your body. Water is ideal but you can mix it up with orange juice which provides carbohydrates and fluids. Carbohydrate is also important as this is the main source of fuel for the body so go for foods that have high amounts of carb. Protein rich foods are important too as they help with muscle repair and growth which is exactly what your body needs after a grueling workout routine.

Eating the right kind of food before, after, and during exercises can help you perform better not to mention get the best results from your workout. Without fueling your body at the start, you won’t have the energy to complete your choice of exercise.

The same goes true during your exercise routine where you need to hydrate yourself. Keep in mind that you’re losing a lot of water due to sweat which is why it is important that you keep hydrating yourself throughout your exercise. Don’t forget to re-fuel your body with carbohydrates and proteins afterwards not only to give you energy but also to help repair your tired and overworked muscles.




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Food Tips: What to Eat Before, After, and During Workouts