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How many times in the past when you were just a little kid that you were told to spit out that gum? These days, don’t let someone tell you to quit chewing on that gummy gum — not because you’re already an adult but because chewing on gum is actually good for you! Continue reading to know the perks it offers and chew away!


It is a Simple and Effective Stress Buster

Popping a stick of gum in your mouth when you’re anxious, angry or stressed can be beneficial. Chewing on that rubbery stuff helps release some of that nervous energy you got plenty of during a nerve-racking moment. It also serves as an outlet for your exasperation when you’re running late for work of your other half forgetting it’s your birthday.


Gum Chewing Helps Curb Appetite

Who needs food when you’re perpetually chewing on a stick of gum? If you blame your failure to turn your dream figure into a reality on hunger pangs, it’s high time that you consider chewing gum especially in between meals. With a dizzying assortment of flavors available these days, you will surely find something that can easily get rid of your cravings for sweets. Worried that a stick of gum contains about 8 calories? Fret not because chewing on gum for an hour burns approximately 11 calories, according to the experts. Call it even!


It Effectively Keeps You Awake

Don’t really like the jitteriness guzzling coffee and energy drinks gives? Chew gum instead.  According to certain studies, chewing gum helps fight off sleepiness by improving your alertness and concentration levels. Whipping a stick of gum out of your pocket or purse is a simple and practical way to keep you awake while driving long distance or studying all night long.


Chewing Gum Cleans Your Pearly Whites

Reach for a stick of gum and chew on it each time you feel like your mouth could use some cleaning. It’s a good idea to opt for gum with xylitol, a crystalline alcohol used as an artificial sweetener. Other than making chewing gum taste great, experts say that this saccharine chemical stimulates saliva production, thus helping to keep the surface of your teeth clean. With beaming pearly whites and fresh breath, having low self-confidence should be the least of your concerns.


It Helps Zap an Upset Stomach

Gum chewing after a meal not only helps make your breath fresh but may also get rid of an upset stomach. This is true most especially if you opt for a mint-flavored gum, something that helps boost gastrointestinal motility. Additionally, chewing on gooey stuff also promotes saliva production which helps neutralize excess stomach acids.


Gum Chewing Relieves Ear Pain During Flights

Looking for a quick and effective way to put a stop to that unpleasant ear pain during plane takeoff and landing? Chew gum! Yawning and pinching your nose may work just as effectively in relieving the problem during flights, but it’s for certain that none of them will be able to give you all the perks of gum chewing mentioned above. Hah!


Are there any other reasons why you’re a strong proponent of gum chewing? Don’t forget to share as you chew away!



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Great Reasons to Choose to Chew Gum