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Health experts have concluded that exercising is not only good for the body but is also beneficial to your health. Heading to the gym may just be what the doctor recommended but when faced with several gym equipment that you know nothing about can be pretty intimidating. You might even feel a bit out of your league as you see gym goers moving from one machine to the next in a familiar way.

Now, these guys are already acquainted with the equipment but they probably started off just like you who doesn’t really have a clue as to what gym equipment to use and how.
If you are considering going to the gym but don’t want to appear overwhelmed with all the machines that you see, it’s important that you acquaint yourself with them first. Here are a few examples of gym equipment to help you out.


Free Weights

The term “free weights” refers to gym equipment that is not attached to bars, pulleys, cables, or pin stacks. There is the barbell which is basically a 4 to 7 feet long with plates attached to both ends. When using this equipment, you need to hold it with both hands. Dumbbells, this is a shorter version of the barbell measuring 10 to 15 inches only and can weigh from 5 pounds to 100 pounds. Dumbbell exercises require the use of dumbbell for each hand.

Chin up bar

can either be part of another machine or is bolted to the wall. This free weight equipment is perfect in executing chin ups that will work on your forearms, biceps, and back. Stability wall is another type of equipment you should familiarize yourself with as it can be used as a substitute for a bench. You can do various exercises on a stability ball such as bench press, shoulder press, and even crunches and with the need to stabilize the ball to avoid falling, you are also working out your core muscles.


The treadmill

is easy enough to spot in any gym. It is perfect for warm ups and can be used by those who want to burn calories through running. Stationery bike is another type of gym machine that minimizes the stress on your knees unlike the treadmill. Just make sure that you fit the bike well to minimize injury on other parts of your legs.

The leg press machine

is the one that is set on a 45 degree angle with weights strapped to it. What you do here is to sit on the platform with your legs placed under the plate. Bend your knees to carry the weight of the plates then slowly extend your legs upwards. Go back to your original position and repeat. Another type of gym equipment under the machine category is the leg extension machine. This one is suitable for isolating your quadriceps. Most weight lifters use this machine before they do any squats to help warm their leg muscles up first.

These are just a few examples of gym equipment that you’ll come across when you decide to do some weight training. There are others that you need to familiarize yourself with so you will be able to plan what kind of weight training routine you’re going to do.


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