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A lot of people are worried that once they travel, the results of their hours of working out in the gym as well as diet will just disappear since they no longer have access to gyms and their diet will be forgotten because of the delicious cuisines available. But is there really a cause for worry? Thanks to HIIT workouts, you no longer have to worry about not being able to stay fit when you’re on the road as these workouts can be done wherever you are. And since HIIT requires high intensity from you, you can actually burn more calories without having to spend hours in the gym.

Your HIIT Workout

HIIT or high intensity interval training has recently trended in the fitness world as it really pushes your body to its limits within a short span of time. When you choose HIIT you will be working out your entire body including your joints for better physique. Due to the intensity of the workout you are required to rest in between exercises not only to catch your breath but also to get enough energy to perform the next set of exercises.

If you’re looking for the best HIIT to use to stay fit, here’s one that you might want to consider. This HIIT workout only takes 24 minutes of your time. Here’s how it works:

10 Burpees

Burpees are often included in HIIT workouts because they really workout your body. From a standing position, go down to a squat then bounce your legs backwards to a plank position. Do one pushup then go back to your squat position before pushing down on your feet to stand up.

20 Squats

This bodyweight workout will really work on your legs, your sense of balance, and your lower body strength. Make sure that your knees don’t go beyond your toes when you squat and that your back is straight all the time.

20 Skater’s Lunges

Keep your back straight as you hinge forward on your hips with hands resting on your thighs as you perform 10 lunges on one side and 10 on the other side. Make sure that you extend your leg as much as you can to perform skater’s lunge.

20 Diver’s Pushups

This is somewhat the same as the inverted V yoga pose. Start by going down on all fours. Push your hips upwards while keeping your hands and feet on the floor until you create an inverted V. From this pose, lower shoulders towards the floor while keeping your chest from touching the ground. Dip body upwards which means your chest should be pushed forward, your head is up and your arms straight with your lower back in arch position. The pelvis should be resting on the floor. Reverse your movements until you are in an inverted V. Do this workout 20 times.

This simple HIIT workout will really push your body even without using weights or gym equipment. The best part? You can do it anytime, anywhere.






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HIIT Bodyweight Workout You Can Do Anywhere