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Knee pain and injury is not uncommon regardless of whether you’ve been weight training or not. Every day wear and tear as well as accidents can weaken your knee joints and the muscles around it especially as you grow older. It is also possible that you haven’t been paying much attention to working your legs out whenever you hit the gym because you are too intent on developing your upper body. Whatever the reason may be for you to feel a twinge or sudden pain on your knee, there are ways for you to prevent further injuries.

Tips on Preventing Knee Injuries

Always Warm Up

Weight training does help you strengthen your muscles but just like with other types of exercises, warming up is essential to avoid injuries. If you’re thinking of doing weight training, you need to include leg exercises in your warm up routine. Do leg extensions and leg presses to help get your blood pumping and your leg muscles ready for your work out.

Practice Proper Form

In weight training, it is essential that you familiarize yourself with the proper form for each exercise routine. For example, when doing squats you need to keep your back arched and your butt extended when squatting instead of pushing your knees forward. You should push upwards with your heels and not the balls of your feet.


Wear the Right Footwear

Sometimes knee pain and injuries occur because of wearing the wrong type of shoes. There are some footwear where the heels are too elevated causing you to put most of your weight on the balls of your feet. When doing weight training, it is important that your feet are firmly planted on the floor to distribute the weight properly.


Low-Impact Exercise

If you want to relieve pressure on your knees, doing low impact exercises outside the gym such as walking and swimming can help. These two do have health benefits so they are worth integrating into your workout routine.
Know Your Comfort Zone

Lifting weights that are more than you can handle can cause you a lot of hurt especially in your knees. For leg exercises, choose weights that allow you to perform a full range of motion instead of doing half of it because the weight of the plates is too heavy for you to bear.
Maintain Your Weight

One of the reasons why knee injuries and pain occur is when you add pounds to your current weight. That extra weight can put a lot of pressure on your knee joints. You should keep a close eye on your weight to make sure that you don’t add that extra pound.
Think of Your Knees

This is true especially when doing cardio exercises. Instead of running where each strike on the pavement causes a jarring on your knee joints, go for something less tough on your knees such as elliptical trainer.
It is possible for you to avoid knee pain and injuries when weight training. Just keep the tips mentioned above in mind when you exercise or weight train and get to improve knee strength in the long run.




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How to Prevent Knee Injury During Weight Training