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Flexibility will become an issue at one point in your life perhaps because you’ve been living a sedentary life, genetics, or it may be due to the weather. Gender and age can also lessen your flexibility but this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to become more supple and bendy as you were once before. If you are looking for a way to regain your flexibility, doing yoga is highly recommended.

It’s easy enough to feel daunted when it comes to performing yoga but by constant practice, you’ll notice big improvements on how you feel as well as the condition of your muscles. To increase flexibility, here are a few yoga poses that you can try.

Low Lunge

Position yourself to a low lunge and drop the back knee to the floor with your hands placed on the forward knee to perform a passive stretch at the front of your hip. Put your hands on the floor while straightening your back leg by lifting your knee. This is for the active stretch. Hold this pose for three deep breathes before repeating the exercise on the other leg. To increase flexibility, bring your forearms all the way to the floor.

Mountain Pose

This pose is considered as the template for all yoga poses. It’s actually a welcoming way to start your yoga workout and at the same time help you connect with your breathing. Stand up straight and your feet pressed together or with your big toes touching. Keep your eyes closed. Let the arms rest at your sides with your fingers together. You can do the same workout when lying down. Just place your feet firmly on a wall to help give your lower back a slight stretch.

Single-Leg Forward Bend

From your low lunge pose, bring your back foot closer then turn your heel downwards to the floor. Square your hips towards your front leg then relax your upper body over it. Breathe deeply into your hamstring three times. Do the same steps with the other side.

Child’s Pose

Another basic move that you can do for a few minutes. Start by going down on your knees with the tops of your feet towards the floor. Make sure that your feet are together and are touching one another. With your knees slightly apart, rest your chest and belly between your legs. Place head on the floor then stretch your arms out in front. You can use a pillow or block to rest your head on in case your head can’t reach the floor as of the moment.

Repeat this exercise as often as you want as it is good for your flexibility. These yoga poses can really stretch different muscle groups all in a good way. The more you practice these poses the better your flexibility will be. What’s great about doing yoga is that it can do more than just help you improve your flexibility but it can also help strengthen your muscles while at the same time boost your overall health.



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Increase Flexibility with these Yoga Poses