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Resistance and weights training are good ways to improve your muscle tone and physique to keep you looking great and healthy. The good thing with these two kinds of workout is that one does not need to have a gym membership to do this and could easily be executed at home. A set of dumbbells, weights and you’re good to go.


But as dumbbells come in different weights, it might be too expensive to buy a new pair every time you would want to upgrade and add weight to what you’re carrying. Don’t let this stop you from achieving those sexy arms you’ve beeneyeing. Thereare a lot of alternatives you could use in exchange for dumbbells. The best part, some of these could be found just at your home!



Water Bottles

Keep the soda and PET bottles you consume after every party at home and you might be able to recycle it for a healthier purpose. Fill the bottle with water or sand, seal it tightly and use it as an alternative to weights. If you want different weights, start with putting water or sand only halfway through the bottle and gradually increase its contents until full. It’s best to use bottles that are hourglass-shaped as it helps in giving a good grip to your hands during workout.


Canned Goods

Think Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup is only great for when you’re sick? Not anymore! This staple in your pantry is a good substitute for building your muscles at home when you’re too tired or lazy to hit the gym. It’s great for triceps and biceps curls or even for chest presses. You could also use small cans for lighter weights and increase it gradually with bigger cans. However, best to check your grip of the can so that it won’t fall under your hold and hurt you. Or worse, dent it and affect the contents inside.



If you thought that your books would collect dust in your bookshelf for all eternity, then you might be wrong. It’s a great alternative to weights training at home. If you don’t have enough books, then you could exercise your arm alternatively. Or if you want a heavier weight, try using your Oxford Dictionary in hardbound and unabridged version.


5 Home Alternatives To Weights

Okay, so these are still weights but as it’s normally worn on the ankle, one might think that it’s the only use it has. On the contrary, its cushioned shape makes it easier for one to hold and work out on. You could also make a loop or turn it into a ribbon shape with the use of a band in the middle for better holding.


Resistance Bands

These rubber bands are not just any simple kind of rubber band. It is a good equipment to use for building your muscles. While one use it for building triceps and biceps, its use is not limited to the upper body but could also be used to develop and tone the lower body. These come with instructions and workout exercises so you don’t have to guess what you would do next.


As you prepare for your workout, make sure that you exercise caution. If you are unsure if your are allowed to do these workouts, best to consult with your physician first.


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No Dumbbells, No Problem: 5 Home Alternatives To Weights