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Ever since the P90X workout program appeared in the health and fitness market, many are torn between trying it out and looking for another fitness regimen that they can actually do. At first glance, the P90X looks doable but many who have tried the program found that they got burned out in just the first few weeks. The question now is, is this fitness program suitable for you?

What is P90X?

P90X is a 90 day fitness program that incorporates both anaerobic and cardiovascular training. The core of this workout is to confuse the muscles through various weights, calisthenics, and even resistance bands. In this workout, you’ll have to undergo high intensity cardio routines for 50 minutes or so. From plyometrics, to weight training, all the way to Kempo Karate, the P90X is designed to challenge every inch of your body to give you that toned and sculpted body.

Pros of P90X

What’s great about the P90X workout is that it will teach you discipline. Since the course of this fitness program is 90 days, you are required to workout at least 6 to 7 times in a week depending on what goal you are trying to achieve.

P90X also has a diet program included in the package to help your body get rid of unwanted fats while at the same time increase your energy levels to perform various P90X routines properly. When you purchase P90X, you will receive a 12 disc set where all the exercises are included for your viewing. It also comes with a calendar to help you keep on track. There is no issue about the price especially when it comes to fitness equipment. And the best part is that P90X can be done in the comfort of your own home.


Cons of P90X

So what is the downside to using this workout program? For starters, P90X isn’t for everyone. One reason why many fail to finish this workout routine is because it is designed specifically for those who are already physically fit and are simply trying to tone and sculpt their muscles or at least burn those extra fats. A beginner will have a hard time accomplishing the 90 day program and will even be prone to injuries.

Another downside to P90X is that since you are required to exercise regularly, you will need to open up your schedule to accommodate this workout regimen. This can be a bit of a problem especially when you are needed in the office until late.
There is also a risk for P90X users to burn themselves out right from the start because of the rigorous training involved.

Is P90X Right For You?

If you are physically fit and are looking for a more challenging routine to really work your muscles out then P90X is worth considering. This high intensity fitness program will give you and your muscles an intense work out that will leave your muscles toned, sculpted, and strong. However, if you’re just starting to address your physical fitness, then you’re better off looking for exercises that aren’t as intense as the P90X.




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Pros and Cons of P90X Workout