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Sometimes trying out a new fitness program is just what you need to get out of the rut that you are in when it comes to burning all those excess weight off. Working out with weights is all well and good and pounding the pavement as you run for several miles can really get your blood pumping but there are times when your body needs something more challenging to get your metabolism on high gear. If you are looking for a new workout regimen that will torch your fats quickly, why not try pole fitness?

As the name suggests, pole fitness is using a pole to workout. This involves the use of your entire body as you do various poses that will stretch your muscles and strengthen your joints. Most associate this workout with pole dancers in clubs but little do they know that this is actually a great workout program that will really tone your muscles beautifully.

If you’re wondering whether pole fitness is for you, here are a few reasons why trying this workout is a must.

It’s absolutely risqué

Like it was mentioned before, people have different perception when it comes to pole fitness. And if you’re one that wants to try something outside the box, you might be surprised to find that pole fitness is actually an engaging workout that is fun to do. What’s more, it’s a good topic to start a conversation.


Toned muscles

Flabby arms and legs can ruin your body image but not with pole fitness. As you move yourself through different choreographies on the pole, you will be working the muscles n your arms and legs harder thus giving them a more toned look.

Get rid of excess weight

Let’s face it. Everyone wants to do something about those extra fats that often settle on the hips and thighs. Pole fitness can help you burn more calories in just an hour so you’ll find yourself achieving your ideal weight faster than before.

Sense of accomplishment

The feeling of accomplishing something difficult is what makes pole fitness enticing to both men and women. After all, it’s not that easy to manipulate your body around a pole while maintaining grip and doing various poses at the same time.

Improved flexibility

If flexibility is an issue with you, pole fitness will help you loosen up. There are a lot of benefits to be gained from being flexible such as having better posture, less likely to get injured, and even help nutrients and blood cells reach your soft tissues. What’s more, pole fitness can help minimize back pain.

It’s more challenging

The idea of climbing a pole and attempting to balance yourself by hooking your arms and legs as you execute a pose is more challenging compared to doing weight lifting. And if you manage to execute the choreography, you’ll feel more confident in yourself which can easily translate to different areas of your life.

As you can see, pole fitness can do wonders to your health and body. If you feel like trying something new, enroll in a pole class today.



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Reasons Why You Should Try Pole Fitness