Tabata Tips for Beginners


There is no doubt that Tabata training is fast becoming a trend in the fitness industry as this workout regimen runs for just four minutes but will make you burn up a lot of calories in the process. This high intensity interval training will push you to your limits in just a few minutes unlike doing cardio and weight training where you need to spend at least half an hour to really work out your muscles. Although beginners will have a tough time to completing the eight sets required in Tabata, there are ways to get around this.

Understand the Formula

For those who will be trying Tabata for the first time, you need to familiarize yourself with the formula first. In this exercise regimen, you will need to do 20 seconds of high intensity workout then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat these steps eight times to complete your work out.

Warm Up and Cool Down

No matter what kind of workout you’re planning on doing always warm up first then cool down afterwards. Warming up at the start of your workout lets you warm your blood up and loosen up your muscles for better range of motion not to mention minimize your risk of suffering from injuries. The cool down period can help speed up the recovery process while at the same time normalize your heart rate.

Work Based on Your Level

Don’t be ashamed that you can’t complete the eight sets consecutively. Give your body time to adjust to the rigorous workout that is demanded in Tabata. You can skip a set here or just use a single workout for the entire eight sets whichever you prefer. Work into Tabata gradually.


Show Creativity

What’s great about Tabata training is that you can be as creative as you want to be when it comes to your workout. You can actually incorporate a diverse range of exercises that will target different muscle groups. If you’re feeling confident that you can add weights or other workout equipment, feel free to do so.

Set Timer

If you want to get into Tabata, you need to equip yourself with a timer and wear proper clothing so you can easily execute your forms properly and in the highest intensity you can manage.

Remember to Rest

As much as you would like to push yourself as much as you can, there is a reason why you need to rest in between sets even for just a few seconds. Catching your breath can help you gain momentum to perform the next set.

Check Your Form

In order for you to gain the best results in your Tabata training, always practice proper form. Many participants of Tabata tend to focus on the number of reps they can do instead of their form which can lead to injuries.

Tabata training is a good HIIT program that people can do in spite of their busy schedules. If you are interested in trying this workout regimen, don’t forget to pace yourself to minimize your risk of injuries.