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No-thanks to that infamous “beer-belly”, beer has gotten a bad rep as a not-so-good-for-you type of beverage. But the truth is, when enjoyed properly, beer can be a healthy drink choice for you. Sure, you most probably have beer to thank for aiding you in meeting your now girlfriend. It may also have been a catalyst in the creation of some of your greatest stories, and bringing out your worst dance or videoke moves. As it turns out, there are a slew of awesome reasons why you should love a bottle (or two!) of this good ol’ brew. Beer could boost your immunity, safeguard your heart from cardiovascular diseases, strengthen your immunity, protect your bones, and a whole lot more.


There’s a strong association between beer and beer belly (or beer gut to some). It’s because of this that people tend to automatically assume that drinking beer can lead you to a world of darkness that’s reserved for the physically unfit and unhealthy. However, as science puts it, beer is not at all fattening. In fact, beer is cholesterol-free, fat-free and has low carbohydrate content. To compare, a 340-ml beer bottle containing 5% alcohol only has 5grams of carbs versus a pear fruit that contains 26grams of carbohydrates when consumed with its peel on. This article is in no way insinuating that you should exchange your fruits and other veggies for bottles of beer, but then again, if you practice drinking beer in moderation, you stand reaping its full nutritional rewards. Beer actually is the healthier option over sodas and other fruit cocktails that are filled with sugar. So if you’re into counting calories, choosing to drink beer over other beverages can be a wise choice.


Beer and Nutrition: The Facts

Here are some of the reasons that can make the next rounds of your beer glasses toast-worthy.


It helps keep your heart beating healthy

Wine may always be the one getting credit as the booze that helps on cutting back your risks of acquiring cardiovascular diseases but beer may be as heart-healthy of a beverage. Studies have shown that people who drink beer moderately have 42% less chances of getting heart diseases versus non-drinkers. Note that for you to optimize beer’s health benefits, maintain the chugging at 1 pint a day, with alcohol content of roughly 5%.

It strengthens your brain power

Consuming a bottle of beer or two won’t necessarily make you smarter, but it will definitely up your creativity levels, this is, according to a research published in the journal Consciousness and Cognition. In the study, 40 men were asked to watch a movie while answering verbal puzzles. The guys who are beer-buzzed with blood alcohol levels of around 0.075 solved the problems faster than the guys who are entirely sober.

Beer can keep Diabetes Type II at bay

Beer can help you stay away from developing kidney stones

Finland researchers have found out that each bottle of beer a man consumes lowers the risk of developing kidney stones by 40%. The exact link may not have been fully specified but is speculated that the high fluid intake makes for more frequent bathroom trips which keeps the kidneys functioning properly

Drinking beer can help you recover faster

Yes, move over Gatorade! A Spanish study has shown that a heady beer brew can help in your post-workout recovery. The study asked a number of students to exercise until the temperature of their bodies reached 104 degrees and then had them rehydrate with water or beer. As a result, the students who had beer post-workout were slightly more hydrated than those students who had plain water after exercising.

Beer helps lower your blood pressure

A high blood pressure is almost a precursor of some other under-lying health problem. Beer can help lower your risk of developing hypertension. In one Harvard study, it is discovered that moderate beer drinkers are less prone to having high blood pressure than those people who drink wine and/or cocktails.

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Tapping Into Beer’s Health Benefits