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A gym is not just a place where you attend once, thrice or everyday of the week to get your dose of exercise and activity. It is a place of community between you and the other members who have paid to use the same facilities and equipment that you did. Being a member of this community, one must follow a set of rules, though often unwritten and not posted on the walls, to ensure that each and every member enjoys its benefits. So read up before you hit your favorite fitness center and know these tips.


  1. Wipe up after you use an equipment

Ask your gym’s front desk if they provide towels for their members, if not, don’t forget to bring your own and WIPE UP AFTER YOURSELF. No one wants to use a sweaty stationary bike or yoga mat. Just imagine yourself on the receiving end of this and how would you feel? You might loss your motivation with the thought. You may also bring with you an alcohol spray to really disinfect the area.


  1. Wear headphones

You may love listening to Beyonce’s “Countdown” for your cardio moment in the treadmill but it doesn’t mean that everyone else must know it or worse, hear it. If you must absolutely use a music player with you, listen to it with a pair of headphones and not via speakers. Be sensitive to others and remember that you do not own the gym.


  1. Turn your voice down

This follows the same concept as the previous rule. No one wants to hear the sordid detail of your crazy TRX session so please avoid speaking in loud tones or shouting. If you must get the attention of someone on the other side of the room, approach the person and talk to him face to face. Remember that you are not the only person in the room.


  1. Return things in their proper place

There is a reason the gym provided racks for dumbbells, kettle bells and weights. Use it. This would also ensure that no one gets injured by tripping on the equipment left carelessly on the floor.


  1. Share the space

There are others working out with you, be sensitive enough to not hog the whole space in front of the weights rack or anywhere else so they could also do what they needed to do.


  1. Do not hog the equipment

The general rule is that one must only stay at an equipment for a maximum of 30 minutes and then let others use it. If you absolutely must use the machine again, line up again to use it.


  1. Do not spit

It’s a gym, not a baseball pitch.


  1. Arrive on time for your class

There are schedules for certain classes and it’s advisable that you arrive on time or early to that you don’t disrupt the others who are already “in the zone.”


  1. Wait for your turn in the water fountain

Line up and wait. It’s really rude when others are waiting in line and you just cut in front of another person just because you’re “too thirsty.” In case you didn’t notice, the others need water too and you don’t see them cutting in front.


  1. Be neat and orderly

This holds true for all the spaces in the gym buts most especially in the locker room. Do not leave your stuff for the janitors to pick up or clean after. Make sure that your things are your responsibility.

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The 10 Commandments of Gym Etiquette