The Basics of Running for Your Health


Running isn’t just for those who are practicing to become an athlete or want to be a marathon runner. As a matter of fact, anyone can run from kids to the elderly. It’s fun to do and the best part is that you can get a lot of health benefits from it from losing weight to improving your cardiovascular system. What’s great about running is that it is totally free.


All you need to do is to keep a few things in mind such as those below:

Buy a sturdy pair of running shoes

Although running is free (you don’t have to pay for a gym membership fee for this one) you will still need to cough up some dough to get the most out of this workout. A good pair of running shoes can help prevent shin splits as well as blisters which are both deterrent to those who are just starting to run. Look for a shoe store that specializes in running shoes since they are knowledgeable in what type of running shoes will work for you.

Consult your doctor

As much as you would like to hit the ground running, so to speak, you still need to take it slow especially when you’re around the age of 45 and above. Consult with your doctor first before you take up running as a form of exercise to make sure that your body can withstand the stress.

Warm up

If you received the go signal from your GP then wear your running shoes and start warming up. You can walk or jog or a combination of both just to get your blood pumping. Other warm up exercises that you can do include knee lifts, jogging in place, as well as climbing stairs.


Start slow

For those who are just beginners in running, pace yourself. Running immediately without gradually introducing this new exercise to your body can cause injuries. The best way to get into running is to start walking first for 30 minutes or what is comfortable to you then run for 1 to 2 minutes before going back to walking. Slowly increase the number of minutes that you run in between walking at a speed that you are most comfortable with. It is important that you run at least twice a week to gradually increase your endurance.

Keep yourself hydrated

When running, make sure that you are properly hydrated especially when you’re running under the sun. If you’re running in the park, it’s important that you know where the water sources are or place water bottles in the route that you’re going to take ahead of time.

Cool down

Just like with any other exercises out there, cooling down is important in running. It’s important that you manage to bring your heart rate back to normal.
Running for your health is one of the best things that you can gift yourself. Although it may be tough at first especially when you’re not used to such activities, once you’ve developed the endurance and strength, running will be something your body will be looking forward to all the time.