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It doesn’t matter whether you aim to lose weight, tone muscles, or just improve your overall well-being, weight training is worth it. Weight training is basically a type of exercise where weights are used as resistance. In this exercise, you are adding stress to your muscles for them to grow bigger and stronger. You can use free weights like barbells and dumbbells for this exercise.


Learning the Basics

There are a lot of benefits to be gained from weight training provided that it is done correctly. Injuries can occur when training with weights such as sprains, fractures, and strains. For those who want to work out using weigh training, here are the basic principles that you should keep in mind.

Warm Up

Warm up is an important element in weight training as this helps in getting rid of the kinks and knots on cold muscles and warm them up in preparation for the stress you’re going to place on them. You can do 10 minutes of brisk walking followed up by warming up a particular muscle group that you’re going to use in your routine. Warm ups help blood flow better and your heart rate faster to get your body ready for lifting weights.
Learn the Forms. As a novice in weight training, it is important that you learn the proper forms first. It is better that you start your training in the gym where you can hire a spotter or trainer to go over your fitness program and teach you the proper posture and lift to avoid injuries. Once you’re accustomed to the various weight training exercises, you can do them at home.

Start Slow.

This is true especially when you haven’t done much exercise for some time now. Pushing yourself too much when it comes to lifting not only will make you sore but can also increase your risk of injuring yourself. Start slowly until your body gets accustomed to the stress.


Do Single Sets

There are a lot of theories on how you can use weight training in your favor such as doing a lot of repetitions and spending endless hours on the gym. However, a single set of 12 repetitions with the right weight is more effective compared to doing three sets.
Use the Right Weights. Beginners in weight training should choose the right weights instead of using heavier weights. Lifting weights that are beyond your comfort zone can cause tearing in the muscles which can hinder your progress.


Proper weight training isn’t just about lifting weights but it is also giving your body enough time to recuperate. You need to rest one full day every time you work out to help your muscles heal.

Training your muscles through weight training is a good way to improve your strength and metabolism. Applying the basic principles mentioned above will be beneficial to you especially if you’re just starting out since they can help lessen your risk of getting injured during your work out.



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The Basics of Weight Training